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17-Feb-2014   |   Rubber & Rubber Products   |   08:42 PM

Tusker Transmission-Belt manufacturers in Malaysia

An ISO certified company, Tusker transmission belts are made as per original equipment specifications conforming to international standards and are designed for long life.

Pre-stretched polyester tension cords, fibre reinforced belt ensure low maintenance and lateral stiffness. This ensures the driver’s safety against possible engine damage. With modern hi-speed engine design, the demands on the drive belts are high, as they have to withstand very high mechanical, chemical and thermal demands. Tusker transmission has setup a State-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Malaysia to exclusively cater to the high growth manufacturing sector as well as the industrial and agricultural sectors.Tusker is a leading supplier of top quality automotive belts in the Indian / Gulf market. An ISO certified company. For 25 years we have been manufacturing a comprehensive range of drive belts including V and multi ribbed belts, cogged belts, spacesaver belts, fractional horse power belts and timing belts. Tusker belts are made to original equipment specifications as per international standards and are designed for long life, constructed with Pre-stretched polyester stiff cords, fibre reinforced belt cushion compound and ensure low maintenance and lateral stiffness. .


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