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21-Mar-2018   |   Arts & Crafts   |   04:19 PM

Decorate your home or business place in Moroccan style

Decorate your home or business place in Moroccan style

“In crafts, there are no mistakes, only unique creation.”

The love for handicraft dates back to 19th century. The speciality of handicrafts is any decorative material made completely with hand or a simple tool. Handicraft is collectively called as artisanry, crafting, handcrafting and handcraftsmanship.  Many crafts are practised for centuries.

The handcrafted product is unique as it is made from natural, indigenous material along with added love and passion for creation.  The material used for crafts include textile, leather, paper, canvas, plants, clay, metal, wood, horn, bone, glass and stone etc.

“Handicraft is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.”

Every country has its own arts and craft style. Morocco is famous for its beautiful architecture ranging from traditional arches to modern buildings. The country has set its own statement in decoration called “The Moroccan style.” The Moroccan style originated from Moorish architecture, it is popular since vogue of riads renovation in Marrakech.

Keshmara Designs is an arts and craft company from Casablanca, Morocco. The company has fluttered up its wings in exporting home decors and furniture’s getting its inspiration from the Moroccan culture. Their products are unique with the bled of oriental concept infused in contemporary style.

Designers are the core strength of the company as they not only make their own product but they also bring their customers virtual desire into life, by offering the customized designing option. 

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism than the world has known.”-Oscar Wilde.

Decorate your home or business place in Moroccan style. Buy the latest trendy decorative from Keshmara Designs, reach them at