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19-Mar-2018   |   Food & Beverages   |   01:34 PM

Choose the best quality canned food!

Choose the best quality canned food!

A food that is preserved by processing and storing it in an airtight container is termed as canned food. Canned food has a longer shelf life depending on the circumstance and product; typically it offers a life of 1 to 5 years.

The first food preservation method was found by Appert, he was a chef of French nobility all the way from the region of champagne. During King Napoleon’s rule, a prize money of 12,000-franc was announced for the person who finds a method of preserving a large quantity of food and Appert won the price money. In 1810 Appert published his preserving method and had been awarded Directory’s price. Soon the Appert’s process was adopted by the canners across the English Channel.

China is the leading early started producer and exporter of canned food. China has produced 1000 million canned foods and has an export volume of 300 million tons with the foreign exchange of 5 to 6 billion dollars.

How to choose the best-canned food?

The packing quality should be watched while buying a canned or jarred product. Avoid buying dusty cans and cans with torn labels as they may be in the storage rack for quite a long time. Never buy a can or jar that has a bulging lid, cracked, dented and leaking.

Apart from checking the quality of the packing, it is a must to check the quality of the manufacturer/supplier of the canned food...

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The company hold the certificate hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) and has quality management system certificate and all its products comply and passed ISO9001:2008. The company follows quality control system from choosing the raw material, processing product, packing, transportation and delivery.

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