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16-Mar-2018   |   Agriculture   |   05:49 PM

Make your loved one elated with the violet miracle!

Make your loved one elated with the violet miracle!

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”-Lady Bird Johnson.

Flowers are the nature’s gift of embellishment. There are 400,000 types of flowering plants in the world in that 26,567 are orchid species.

Orchid flowers are beautiful and come in violet, white and pink colours. Chinese were the first to cultivate orchids. King Confucius described this plant as “King of Fragrant Plants” and a book was also written by Chinese dedicated to orchids. Orchid is widely used for decorations. It is also used for medicinal purposes in countries such as China and Japan, Europe, America, Australia, Africa etc.

The meditation book of light and colour says Violet induces self-respect, dignity, truth and depth of feeling. It is also a colour linked with spirituality, mysticism and insight. Violet colour has a spiritual connection and it is very helpful for meditation and spiritual matters. Thus, make your loved one elated with this violet miracle.

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