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08-Mar-2018   |   Agriculture   |   12:58 PM

Peace begins with maize- the evolution

Peace begins with maize- the evolution

Maize is the oldest crop that dates back to 9000 years. It was believed to be cultivated in Tehuacan valley of Mexico, later in early 21st century scholars found that Balsas river valley of south-central Mexico is the center of cultivation. Maize cultivation is introduced to South America from Mexico based on the genetic study by Embraba. Maize has been called in different names across the world; the most known name is corn, which refers to any cereal crop.

Maize is being used for various purposes,

  • It used in the preparation of porridge and many other Mexican dishes.
  • A maize kernel is used in the production of corn starch, which in turn used as thickening agent in soaps.
  • Sugar has been replaced by corn syrup in soda, candy, cookies, bread etc.
  • It is also used as food for chicken, cows, hogs, and catfish.
  • Maize replaces wheat flour in the production of baked products.

“Cereal is an acceptable meal at all times of the day.”

 Maize is a staple food as equal as rice around the world. It has been a staple food as it has nutritional values with a high level of starch, oils, and proteins.

Some of the amazing nutrition in corn is,

  • B Vitamins,
  • Folic Acid,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Pro-vitamin A,
  • It is rich in phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, selenium,
  • And also has a small amount of potassium and calcium.

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