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26-Feb-2018   |   Others   |   02:49 PM

Why is Email Marketing important for your Business?

Why is Email Marketing important for your Business?

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an important strategy in the developments of a business. Email marketing is a way of promoting your product or services and it also helps in building a good relationship with the customers.

Creating an email campaign and sending an effective email is one of the key strategies for successful email marketing.

Effective email marketing strategies:

Key points to be followed to reach success in email marketing are

Drafting a Personalized email:

Create emails that sound as if sent specially to the person who reads it. For example instead of “Dear Valuable Member” it should start as “Dear Stephen” and the same way the product suggestions or targeted product promotions should be based on the customer’s search history.

Filtering the audience:

Segregate the audience to whom you are going to send email based on location, product preferences etc. Therefore you will be receiving increased opened rate and clicked rate as you are exactly targeting the correct audience for your business.

Creating a call to action emails:

 The email must be drafted in a way to create a call for action. It must not be an information to the customer instead it must make a customer react to the email. The email should attract the customers and drive traffic to your site and revenue to your business.

Why it is important to your business?

Email Marketing is one of the cost-effective ways of marketing. Sending periodic emails once in a week and twice a month creates an unshakable place in the customer’s memory. Offers and discounts can be updated and reach the customers without delay. It also helps your business to gain exposure and enables to create brand awareness among the public. Therefore customising, monitoring and sending revised email campaign now and then delivers improved customers response and drives development in your business.