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25-Jan-2018   |   Others   |   03:59 PM

WhatsApp Business App for SMEs now available in India

WhatsApp Business App for SMEs now available in India

SME is one of the important sectors of Indian economy. It helps in the industrialization of rural areas and provides employment opportunities and also helps in maintaining in the balanced distribution of national wealth.

SME contributes in domestic production. It plays a vital role in the development of Nation. In 2017 B2B e-commerce firms has largely focused on the SME sector. The advantages of advanced technology have helped in the development of the business. Likewise, Technology has come up with a new invention for development of SMEs – WhatsApp for Small Business.

WhatsApp has introduced a new app called WhatsApp business app for Small Business. This app verifies the business owner and will offer business information such as description, email, other contact details and website. It offers messaging tool that helps in fast replying to frequently asked questions, greeting messages and away/busy messages.

 Already WhatsApp is popular and widely used all over the country. With this new App, small business people can get in touch with their clients without any hindrance. This app also provides business statics with which you can know the number of messages reads and also receive reviews and suggestions directly from customers to develop your business.

This app is now available in INDIA for download in Play Store.