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18-Dec-2017   |   Textile Yarns & Fabrics And Spinning Mills   |   05:34 PM

A New Invention in Textile Industry

The Textile industry is one of the important and oldest industries. The Textile industry involves in the production of yarn, cloth, clothing and distribution. In 2013 worldwide market for apparels & textile exports stood $772 billion based on United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Data Base. In 2013 the largest exporters in the world are China, Europe Union, India, US, Turkey, Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Vietnam. In November 2017 the researchers from Stanford research university, California have invented a double duty, reversible that keeps one’s body both cool and warm depending on which side it is worn. Clothing is a natural way of regulating body temperature. This cloth keeps the body at a comfortable temperature irrespective of the outside temperature. How does this Fabric work? One side of the fabric has a copper coating traps heat between a polyethylene layer and the skin; on the other side, a carbon coating releases heat under another layer of polyethylene. Worn with the copper layer facing out, the material traps heat and warms the skin on cool days. With the carbon layer facing out, it releases heat, keeping the wearer cool. To get access to the Textiles and Apparel from around the Globe Visit, – The One Stop Global B2B Portal for connecting with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.