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17-May-2017   |   Toys And Games   |   06:08 PM

You're Worth Funny Life

In our daily life, there are many gadgets that we can get a lot of interest. So today I will introduce three playable gadgets for all of you to relieve your stress and find the maximum happiness from them to improve your life quality.

Dragonfly Copter
I can remember clearly that in my childhood, I love to play with neighborhood. We play a lot of toys, such barbie dolls, 3D Brain Teaser Puzzles and etc. As a matter of fact, the most impressive one obviously is dragonfly copter. It’s quit interesting that something like dragonfly can fly higher that dragonfly. Aha, this toy is designed from the inspiration of flying animals. So easy to operate that children are all addicted to playing it.

Mini Mahjong
There is a saying popular in the folk that with a square table, four desks, a dice and a pair of Mahjong, our stress can be relieved and our fear can be smoothed. Actually, Mahjong as an important part in Chinese culture has many benefits. For one thing, it can prevent us from Alzheimer’s disease. Playing Mahjong can exercise our fingers and keep our brain in a active state. Therefore, Mahjong is especially popular among the old men. For another, it can expand the friend circle and you can improve your social skills. Last but not least, by playing Mahjong, you can relieve your pressure so that you can get a good self-adjustment. Of course, it is uneasy to start a Mahjong everywhere because it is such a heavy thing that we can’t bring it. But in fact, now producers has launched a type of mini Mahjong. You can bring it when having a picnic outside. It’s slight and portable. Size changes but the joy is still.

3D Brain Teaser Puzzles
The development of a child’s brain is really important. Every family is trying their best to exercise their child’s brain so as to improve his/her intelligence. Nowadays, there are many intelligent toys can make such effect. Puzzles is one of them. Not only fun but inspiration that children can get from 3D brain teaser puzzles. Besides, it build a healthy relationship between your children and their partners.