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02-May-2017   |   Others   |   04:58 PM

How to Maintain Your Ocarina?

To ensure the tone quality and fluency of an ocarina, it’s better for you to learn some basic common sense of maintenance.


As we all know, as long as you use your professional ocarina, it will leave some water behind and with the time passes by, it also mixes up the dust in the air. Obviously, you should do some cleaning from time to time.


It should be noted that never try to soak your ocarina into water. Because some of these ocarinas are made in a very low temperature and maybe it will fall apart when steeping in the water. Actually ocarina is a such a delicate musical instrument. The most safest way to clean it is to rinse your mouth and wash your hands thoroughly. Try to reduce the possibility of spitting into it.


What you should do after using it is to rub it dry with a soft and dry cloth and then let it air drying. It’s so great if you can wipe the mouth out with alcohol to eliminate visible bacteria. Actually the most troublesome part is to clean the dust accumulated in the mouth. Have you ever tried to cut a piece of card which is twice wider than the air passage of the professional ocarina to fix it? If not, you can have a try. By folding it into a strip paper and then you blow it from the mouth. Repeat this action for several times, you will make it to deal with the awful dust.