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02-May-2017   |   Others   |   04:45 PM

Several Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Harmonica

Harmonica, as a cheaper musical instrument, is classified as free spring playing instruments. It’s easy for us to get one. Only when you maintain it perfectly can you hear the beautiful music from it. But do you really know how to keep it in good condition?


Before & After Playing

Please gargle thoroughly before playing to keep residue from it. And after using, it’s better for you to hold in one hand with the hole adown and shake it in the air for twice or thrice. It should be noted that never try to strike it, doing harm to its delicate accessories.


Clean the Dirt and Lipstick on the Cover

Firstly, you can soak the towel into water and wring it out to wipe the dirt. And then wipe with a dry towel(cloth) to wipe again to keep the body dry.

If you think highly of sanitation and hygiene, sterilizers in the pharmacy maybe the best choice for you. Alcohol can wipe out bacteria intensively.


Clean the Sticky at the Mouth

Only when the harmonica is dry can you clean the sticky in a cotton swab. You should pay much more attention to avoid matters dropping into the inside. And never touch the organ to make sure the perfect tone quality.


Put it in a Dry and Neat Box

Every harmonica is equipped with a perfect box and some of them will have water proof paper(only polyphony harmonica). Never put it in a humid and high-temperature environment, especially those harmonica made of wood. So you had better to put a desiccant into the box.


All above is to help you to prolong the life of your precious harmonica.