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14-Apr-2017   |   Electrical & Electronics   |   12:15 PM

Drawing accessories: Tools and materials

A variety of drawing equipment can be used in the performance of graphic works. There are many types of such tools and materials for the same purpose. Most people, by the nature of its activities internally perform multiple drawings, use of drawing. So is a set of drawing tools, packed in a special case. In today's market there are drawing instruments designed to perform a wide variety of graphic works that differ unequal bundle. But, of course, you can buy and the usual drawing equipment if desired.  Later in the article we shall understand in detail with what the drawing tools and materials exist on the market today.


Types of supplies used for the graphic works


Drawings themselves, in most cases applied to the paper. To perform this type of graphics used its special grade. In addition to paper, designers and engineers use these drawing tools and accessories, such as:


Pencil with a simple black pencil;


Lines of different length;



Compasses of various kinds;



Often drawing paper mounted on a special board. These designs allow for graphics performance with maximum convenience. 


What is Paper?


Normally we should select high quality white paper to perform drawings. This may be an option labeled "O" or "B". The paper "On" (regular) is available in two types: simple and advanced. The latter option has a higher density and different hardness. Higher quality paper suitable for making drawings of "B" is best. It has a pure white color, different smoothness or "shaggy" when using the era to distinguish it from other species can be looked up to the light. On paper manufacturers apply a watermark. In addition to white paper, tracing paper and graph paper also may be used to perform the drawings. 


Special boards


Drawing supplies can be used by engineers and designers. This tool is made from softwood (e.g., alder). It is intended primarily to facilitate the creation of drawings. This device is a multiple assembled into one web plates fastened end slats. The length, width and thickness of the board for drawing may be different. 



This is perhaps the main tool used when performing drawing work. Pencils, there are only three basic varieties: Solid-This embodiment is marked with the letter "T" and is used, in fact, to perform drawings. Medium hardness-Tools of this species are usually marked with the letters "TM". They use them to stroke at the final stage of the drawing. Soft-These pencils used for drawing only. -"M" is marked with a letter.  



 Drawing accessories of this species are used to remove incorrectly performed or auxiliary lines. When the drawings are used mainly two types of erasers: designed to remove pencil and conducted via line carcasses. The first embodiment is characterized by using softness and does not affect the paper layer by removing only the pencil. Erasers for mascara contain harsh additives and erasing sanded paper.

Roller ruler

 This variety of drawing tools can be made of different materials-wood, metal or plastic. The latter option is considered to perform DRAWINGS most suitable. Transparent plastic ruler short, like pencils, - the main working tool engineer or designer. Before using a new line of mandatory, you should check for accuracy. For this purpose it is placed on a sheet of paper and draws the line. Next, turn over the line to the other side and spend another feature. If the first and second lines on the paper coincide, then fine line and can be used in the work. There are some drawing accessories for the board and slightly different versions - a T-square.



There are also special kinds of compasses. For example, the teat is a small button and can be used to draw concentric circles. Sometimes engineers and technologists are also used calipers. This tool is very convenient to draw the circle of small diameter (0.5-8 mm).