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05-Jun-2017   |   Others   |   02:55 PM

Amazing Selfie Tool: Record Your Beauty

What an amazing world! Every day I will be surprised by various of high-tech products. They do help to make our lives more convenient and colorful. The invention of monopod selfie stick is absolutely a progress in the photography accessories, especially for whom like to go for a trip alone just like myself.

There is no doubt that most of us traveling alone will get into an embarrassing situation that we wanna record every wonderful moment of our trip but no one can take photos for us. At this time, a monopod selfie stick is just like a loyalty friend accompanying and does us a favor to seize the most beautiful scenery and take amazing selfies for memorizing.

With the stick, there is no need for us to worry about the stability of our images and videos any more. We can shoot a video like movie just by your mobile phone. As a photography enthusiast, I can’t help yelling after hearing about this product.

The handheld gimbal is designed in the extendable size of 22.5cm-90cm with the net weight of only 164g. Thanks to it, my bag will become light because of it. For the sake of stability, it adapts to a Bluetooth V3.0 which is Compatible?with?IOS?and?Android?dual?system. More important, so as to cater to the live broadcasting market, it is featured with enough 200mAh battery to satisfy people’s full-time photography.

What I like most, you can adjust its focal length and the direction. By control the button, you can zoom in or out and get rear camera mode transferred. Never worry about its equilibrium, its unique telescopic shaft design can help to balace your mobile device without using counterweight. It also supports you take horizontal and vertical pictures freely.