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05-Jun-2017   |   Toys And Games   |   02:37 PM

Some Basic Knowledge of RC Battery

When you play your rc go kart, you will find that battery is such an important thing. In fact, any model car, are inevitably required to use the battery which is one of the basic drone parts. This article describes some common models of automotive mainstream battery knowledge.

Battery purchase nothing more than a few aspects: Battery Type / Voltage / Capacity / Discharge C Number / Outline Size / Plug Type

Capacity: Each battery has its own rated capacity.
The battery capacity is like the size of the fuel tank, the higher the capacity, the longer the time available, the conditions permitting, of course, is to buy large capacity. 3.7v battery sometimes is enough. But it is not necessary to have a large capacity, because sometimes we will deliberately choose a small capacity to weight the frame to enhance the performance of the frame. Because the small capacity means that the weight will generally be lighter. Hobbywing esc is quite famous.

Discharge C number: that is, discharge capacity.
The larger the number of C, the greater the battery can be in the shorter time to put their capacity. 1C, that is, in an hour to put their own capacity. C, is in the number of hours of one of the hours of their own capacity. For example, 60C is 1/60 hours, that is, within 1 minute, put their own capacity. The greater the number of C, the higher the performance, the more expensive the price. The difference between the number of C is: the larger the number of C, the more violent start, the higher the tail speed is. And of course the battery can be with the smaller heat after the completion.

Shape and size: Players are supposed to buy the corresponding size and shape on it as long as accord to the requirements of their own.