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22-May-2017   |   Toys And Games   |   08:42 AM

Engine, the Heart of a RC

We all know that the reason why a plane can fly over the sky. It is exactly because of the the propeller thrust. And only the engine can make propeller thrust produce thrust. In other words, the engine, as the basic part of a machine, is as important as the heart to a man. The engine of FPV can be divided into two kinds, electromotor and mechanical engine. The main feature of electromotor is big torque and fast speed. With the development and innovation of electron speed regulator, the controllability becomes higher.

It is engine that transfer electric energy into mechanical energy. On the basis of carbon brush, the engine of a helicopter can be divided into brushless motor and brush motor. At the very beginning, model airplane adopted brush motor as the engine. But as the development, the shortcoming showed up. For one thing, it is not only designed in a big size but dump. What’s worse, the short lifespan is its death warrant. As long as the engine works for a long time or voltage is overheat, the carbon brush will get abrasion in a short time. In consequence, brushless motor has replaced brush motor gradually.

But do you really know the advantages of brushless motor?
·First of all, this motor because there is no carbon brush exists, it has a long lifespan. Besides, it can have a higher spinning speed.
·Due to the outside electronic commutator, the reversing frequency can up to 8KHz, which results in the improvement of the power of the electrical machine.
·Brushless motor weight is also much lighter, adjust the motor steering only need to turn any of the motor in any order to complete the motor to change the work.

Technology is a double-edged sword. There are new problems appearing when brushless motor are widely used in the market. This kind of electrical machine should be equipped with an ESC to coordinate the operation. After a long-time use, I find hobbywing speed controller is a solid pick, which have quality assurance.