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20-Sep-2017   |   Printing & Publishing   |   10:28 AM

Bindomatic Accel Ultra A Revolutionary Thermal Binding Machine for All!

Bindomatic Accel Ultra  A Revolutionary Thermal Binding Machine for All!

There are many book binding or document binding methods that exist in the present business world as the need for binding keeps on arising in companies and organisations. To fulfil this need, most people prefer to outsource the requirement to external binding shops; however, there are many other people who prefer to bind documents on their own in house. If you are one of these people who does not like to outsource your binding requirements to an external vendor, you are probably interested to have information about available document binding solutions. Although, in the market, you will come across several kinds of binding solutions, when it comes to superior efficiency and a great binding solution, thermal binding machines appear as the best quickest solution. Today, a number of brands and manufacturers are available in the market who have introduced their thermal binding machine models giving a better binding experience and quality. Bindomatic Accel Ultra is a newly introduced model that boasts of amazing features, great functionality and enhanced design to accelerate the binding process and improve the overall binding experience. Bindomatic Accel Ultra Highlights The introduction of Accel Ultra has set new standards for document binding quality over other brands and it is designed for high-end consumers. This new thermal binding machine equipped with Drop & Go doubled loading capacity that lessened the document processing time of processing by half compared to previous models. It is the third-generation thermal binding solution by Bindomatic which can bind at very nearly one document per second that means 58 documents a minute which is actually the fastest binding speed of all loose-leaf binding machines. The best thing about this binding solution is its Drop and Go technology which gives it a distinct position in the binding market segment. It features the ability to batch load a maximum of 50 documents in one go allowing the operator to do other work simultaneously. Key Features of Bindomatic Accel Ultra Now, talking about the key qualities and features of this new generation Accel Ultra thermal binding machine, it is loaded with remarkable attributes that enhance the binding process by a great extent. With its automatic binding feature, you can bind maximum 360 sheets of 80gsm paper (360 mm document thickness) automatically. It is up to 45 x faster compared with other punch and bind solutions available in the market. Perfect for heavy binding environments like print shops, copy centres, print rooms of corporates or universities. The machine has a very fast warm up time and binding cycle. In single batch, you can load a maximum of 50 documents and the machine will bind almost one document a second. Bindomatic Accel Ultra supports A4 document format and can bind hard and soft covers easily. The machine is simple to use by anyone without any knowledge of document binding and can be operated easily after just a couple of minutes training. Why You Should Buy Bindomatic Accel Ultra When looking for a thermal binding solution, Bindomatic Accel Ultra accomplish all thermal cover binding requirements flawlessly. The precision, speed and quality, you will get with this Accel Ultra binding machine is impossible to find from any other thermal binding machine model available in the market. Loaded with the advanced Drop & Go technology, this thermal binding machine eliminates all the hassles associated with the task of binding documents thermally. Due to this ultimate technology, the operator does not need to stick with this machine throughout the process, but once the documents have been put in the machine, he or she can go anywhere to do other tasks. Thus, the Accel Ultra is a binding solution that makes this job fully automated, simpler and is a very efficient binding solution. The most likely applications for using this advanced thermal binder are professionally bound documents which include reports, sets of accounts, thesis, photo albums, proposals, reports, anthologies etc. Any bound documents produced on Bindomatic Accel Ultra will look very professionally bound as though they had been outsourced to a professional printer or print centre. Finally, the last benefit of the Bindomatic Accel Ultra is that it binds both soft and hard covers documents in the same easy, efficient binding process.

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