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24-May-2016   |   Others   |   08:52 AM

Zwischenkühler and Tube Bundle Cleaning

An inspection of a Aluminium Teller Flügel Wärmetauscher is carried out by use of an Internal Rotary Inspection System. This involves introducing a probe that has a rotating mirror that can direct an ultrasonic beam onto the wall of the tubes to measure any pitting or corrosion. The mirror is rotated by a small turbine that is driven by the pressure of water that is introduced into the tubes. The probe is drawn along the tube slowly to provide a continuous chart record of the tube's internal condition.

During normal operation the inside of the tube bundle can become badly scaled. This has a dramatic effect on the efficiency of the unit, greatly reducing its ability to function at maximum capacity. For this reason it then becomes necessary for tube cleaning to take place in order to bring the unit back up to standard.

Water jetting is the most common method used for Wärmeaustausch tube cleaning. This entails ultra high pressure water jets being directed on to the scale in order to remove it. Automated system can perform water jetting remotely, thereby ensuring the maximum safety for operators.

De-scaling cleaning operations are usually performed on site, which means that the Zwischenkühler and its tube bundles do not have to be removed. This helps to ensure a minimum of time is spent when the heat exchanger can not be in use.

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