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19-Jul-2017   |  04:12 PM

Cloud computing has evolved excessively in recent years, but the hybrid cloud is making buzz now. So, can we say that hybrid cloud is the future of cloud hosting?   With time Companies are realizing that they need many different types of cloud hosting services in order to meet a variety...

12-Jul-2017   |  03:16 PM

  The next big wave in the server innovation is changing computing and its not just about moving to cloud. It is beyond that! But this shift is happening fast because of the cloud computing. This change is happening at the edge of the network and not the core of the data center; a shift...

27-Jun-2017   |  05:38 PM

  Today many organizations are exploring the cloud to store and manage their data. With wide range options available – private, public and hybrid – Choosing an apt model of cloud computing are challenging. Where public cloud has the advantage of scale and flexibility, the...

21-Jun-2017   |  05:33 PM

  The future holds great promise when it comes to the cloud. It’s no secret cloud hosting in India has taken off in recent years with new innovations and business applications. Businesses of all sizes, industries, and geographies are turning to cloud services. Industry experts say...