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10-Mar-2017   |   Building Constructions & Infra   |   08:21 AM

How much is the JS1000 Concrete Mixer?

JS1000 Concrete Mixer can product 1000L concrete every times(60seconds or 72 seconds), offen in HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant or HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant host use,but, as the customer’s cosidered, how much is it?

  Morning, in Zhengzhou Jianxin manufacturers, two large trucks are waiting in factroy, today there are two batches of orders need to ship, so early in the loading area began to busy up. To about 9 o'clock in the morning, sent to Qingdao Port, two JS1000 Concrete Mixers host has been completed, follow-up and then install some of the other parts of the leg can be set off, and can be served on the user's designated location and began to install.This two JS1000 Concrete Mixer belonging to the double horizontal shaft forced mixer, single discharge 1000L, and more with PLD1600 concrete batching machine composed of HZS50 concrete mixing plant, stirring concrete per hour up to 50 cubic meters, whether it is used as small and medium business Concrete station or self-built concrete mixing plant can easily competent. Jianxin design and production of JS1000 mixer discharge height of 3.8 meters, easy to mix the concrete mixer.


But the two mixers also have different places, such as those are JS1000 type of concrete mixer, but one is configured higher, a relatively low configuration. One is a planetary reducer(JS1000A), one is a cycloid reducer(JS1000B), the new wind construction concrete mixer model is complete, diverse configuration, according to different user needs for a variety of different configurations, the maximum savings for customers investment funds, Can also be customized according to customer needs, JS1000 forced concrete mixer how much money? Different configurations of JS1000 compulsory concrete mixer prices are different, different manufacturers of JS1000 forced mixer prices are also different. For more information, please contact with me with your email or whatsapp(my email:;website:, look forward to your cooperation.