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Posted On Tuesday 27th June 2017 8:31 PM

handy Baby V8.2.1 Version is released! if you need 8.2.1 Version software download, or you wanna upgrade your older handy baby. you can download as follows.

Handy Baby V8.2.1 Sofware Free Download

V8.2.1 handy Baby New functions:

1. New cars of key maker:  for Chrysler、for Jeep、for Ferrari、for Lincoln、for Audi、for Volkswagen、for Honda、for Kawasaki、for Ha/ma、for Dongfeng、for Landwind、for Mazda, for Mitsubishi、for Volvo、for Hyundai、for Chevrolet、for Yamaha、for Zoyte、for Zhonghua、for FAW、for Jinbei、for Cherry、for Citroen 、for KIA、for Ford、for Toyota、for Fiat、for Perodua、for  Hafei、for Changfeng、for Suzuki ,etc.
2. Clone for Sagitar ID48(before 2010 year) (with JMD Assistant)
3. Clone for Bora 1.4T ID48 (with JMD Assistant)
4. for Dongfen ID46 generate
5. Fix bug

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Posted On Friday 23rd June 2017 9:07 PM

when you want to repair or fix your broken or dead Iphone or other smart phone. sure you need a top tool for phone repair, Where to get a top tool for iphone fixing and repairing? NandRepair will give you some suggestions about repair the moible phones, even provide replacement parts and  iphone icloud unlock tool.

for apple iphone models, such as iPhone 4S, 5, 5c or 5s, 5SE, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7P. at here, you can find all kinds of iphone repair tools which is very necessary for every phone repair Technicals.

1. Phone Repair Tools: NandRepair provides All you need for do it yourself iPhone repairs tools, iphone maintenace platform,iphone BGA Reballing Stencil.

2. iPhone NAND Test Fixture, and baseband EEPROM IC Programmer, ipad 2 3 4 unlock Adapters, and others tools on iphone / ipad.

3. Other Phone Repair Tool: Such as SHP heating platform, iphone battery detection tester, Phone mainboard grinding IC tool, long/short ribbon cable for iphone 4S/5S/5C/5 Ipad 3/4/5/6 nand Flash.

 Turely Auto/Phone Repair tools supply from china, for phone repairing/fixing, Auto diagnostic scanner and auto key programmer. More information please visit nand Repair.

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Posted On Friday 16th June 2017 7:07 PM

Handy Baby car key Programmer software updated to V8.2.1, CBAY Key copy now is the newly V8.2.1 Version. V8.2.1 Handy Baby has G Function, NandRepair Offer G Function Authorization for JMD handy Baby Car key.

V8.2.1 Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Copy for 4D/46/48 Chips Features:

1. Latest Version: V8.2.1
2. Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish
3. This Device can't work together with CN1 or CN2 Chip, need to work with specially designed Handy Baby 4C/4D Chip and Handy Baby ID46 Chip
4. Update Free Online on Offcial Website
5. Handy Baby has red, blue and grey color which we will send randomly.


Handy Baby Key Programmer has G Function now, if you want to get this authorization, please contact Nandrepair.

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Posted On Monday 12th June 2017 6:34 PM

If you want to testing/detcting iphone 5s 6 6s 7 plus battery is good or not, nandrepair will suggestion that Iphone Battery tester( with necessary connctions) on china market, the device Looks samll, but is very powerfull to connect leads on a multimeter, If you have some issuess of my iPhone 6 6S 7 turning off at high percentages before, and then turning on after a while and being fine, so you need iphone battery tester.


This new iPhone Battery tester, Data line detection, Battery clearing instrument, added iphone 5SE 7 7P ipad 3/4/5/6 mini all series, added charge-discharge function, added Battery chip detection, also added charge-discharge graph, also support original iphone cable detection

1 - identifying the original battery and cottage
2 - battery cycles
3 - the battery design capacity
4 - the battery full charge capacity
5 - the battery voltage
6 - the temperature of the battery
7 - quiescent current of the battery
8 - battery protection board chip IC model
9 - battery charge activation, charge-discharge function
10 - the battery discharge current, charge-discharge graph
11- Automatically identify the original iphone cable;
12 - Apple battery cycles is cleared
13 - Battery chip detection

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Posted On Tuesday 6th June 2017 6:32 PM

JC pro1000 phone chip programmer extendable APP function

JC pro1000 machine is the new design Nand Flash programmer for iphone / ipad by nandrepair, JC pro1000 programmer will solved many errors on iphone/ipad, pro1000 is the extendable APP software phone repair programmer in future.

JC pro1000 machine is the new design phone chip programmer for iphone / ipad, pro1000 programmer will solved many errors on iphone, pro1000 is the extendable APP software phone repair programmer in future.

it including following function: iphone batter tester function, detect iphone genuine data cable function, iPhone logic EEPROM IC and Baseband EEPROM IC (CHIP) Erasing / Reading / Re-writing function, iPhone NAND Flash (32bit / 64bit / PCIE NAND) underlying data Reading / Re-writing function, iPhone fingerprint Reading / Re-writing function..

1pcs pro1000 Main Unit + Optional function Test fixture, with all activation APP software.

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Posted On Saturday 3rd June 2017 2:32 PM

UP828P Programmer: FBGA137P Adapter - Supports variety of feature and burner phones.
UP828P Programmer: VBGA186P Adapter - Supports eMCP chips in many of todays smartphones
UP828P Programmer: VBGA221P Adapter - Supports latest eMCP chips -found in many of todays high end phones.
UP828P Programmer: SBGA152P Adapter- Supports Some POP NAND memory chips found on BlackBerry devices between 9600 and 9900.

BGA eMMC and eMCP chip UP-828P programmer, BGA eMMC and eMCP chip readers and programmer adapters

The UP-828P Series High Speed Universal Programmer, it enables examiners the ability to acquire the data from a variety of flash memory, including:


Nandrepair Recommend Adapters

UP828P Programmer: FBGA137P Adapter - Supports variety of feature and burner phones.

UP828P Programmer: SBGA152P Adapter- Supports Some POP NAND memory chips found on
BlackBerry devices between 9600 and 9900.

UP828P Programmer: VBGA162P Adapter - Supports Some MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC
memory found on many smartphones and tablets.

UP828P Programmer: FBGA167P Adapter - Supports variety of smartphones and featurephones

UP828P Programmer: BGA169P Adapter -Supports some MOVINAND/iNAND/eMMC memory found
on the newer BlackBerry 9000 series, and many smartphones.

UP828P Programmer: VBGA186P Adapter - Supports eMCP chips in many of todays smartphones

UP828P Programmer: VBGA221P Adapter - Supports latest eMCP chips -found in many of todays high end phones.

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Posted On Tuesday 30th May 2017 9:46 AM

Battery tester V4.1 with Apple original data line detection + battery clear instrument + charge cycle clear + battery capacity test + battery charge and discharge function test. Iphone Battery clear instrument support all series of Apple battery charge and discharge test and is equipped with a test curve, can test the starting power, battery type, maximum capacity, current capacity, battery temperature, voltage, current monitoring, test battery resistance, Mode setting (can be fast, slow test), can increase, reduce the current. (With a fan, cooling holes to reduce temperature).

Battery tester V4.1 version after the upgrade function:

1  the tester added no need to remove the battery clear, activate the test board: with a gift line to connect the tester's side interface, more convenient to test;

2  the new battery test board to use the separate function: If the battery test board with the location of the V8 test line, the battery can be a separate activation board;

3  in order to be more in line with the principles of human body, so that the test keys in the test when the fingers feel more comfortable. A new generation of test instrument using a new one of the touch button;

4 after the external power supply can test the battery is good or bad: If the external power supply test battery when the current value shows that the battery is good, on the contrary, the battery is bad

After the main upgrade to add the function:

1. iphone 5se 7 7plus, ipad3 ipad4 ipad5 ipad6 ipadmini full range of detection.

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Posted On Sunday 28th May 2017 8:11 PM

Auto IC chips including automotive computer board CPU, memory chip, ignition driver chip, power supply chip, idle drive IC, fuel injection drive, throttle drive, non-door, speed processing, automotive instrument chips and other Auto Transponder Chip. if you can't find ic chip which you need, please contact nandrepair.


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Posted On Wednesday 1st March 2017 7:49 AM

SAAB SID2 ribbon cable is perfect for fixing the dashboard or instrument panel in certain SAAB 9-3 and SAAB 9-5 vehicles where the display has become faded or pixels have gone out. SAAB SID2 can save you thousands of dollars when comparing to replace the entire instrument cluster. SID2 Replacement Ribbon Cable can be installed by anyone who has previous experience or who is willing to take the plunge on the panel however no guarantees can be made.


SID2 Cable from  Details

    Works to correct information display problems in compatible SAAB 9-3 and SAAB 9-5 vehicles
    The cable is used for the information display panel dashboard
    The cable should be installed by an experienced technician using a 30 Watt soldering iron with a T-Tip adapter and rubber cable
    Installation instructions are not included with the ribbon cable

The SAAB SID2 ribbon cable requires a Soldering Iron with T-Tip and Rubber Cable in order to complete the repair. These tools can be used to apply the new ribbon cable to the LCD display and the instrument cluster panel. The repair itself takes only a few minutes however removing the dashboard and re-installing it into the vehicle will take more time.

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Posted On Sunday 26th February 2017 6:33 PM

As We Know, For BMW Easycoding ENET Cable come with one USB Dongle, do you know how to install the usb driver of For BMW Easy coding Scanner?  nandrepair share EASYCODING Software download and installation, Sincerely hope it can help you.

EASYCODING Software download and installation from

1 Software download

Log in and download EasyCoding_setup_V1.0 installation package.

2 Software installation

Decompress EasyCoding_setup_V1.0 package and release the folder setup.exe or you can find setup.exe from
manufacturer’s Sandisk. The following is an example:

Press 【Next】

Press 【Next】

Press 【Next】

Choose “Create a desktop icon” and then press 【Next】

Press 【Install】

Press 【Finish】to operate “EasyCoding”

If Superdog is not inserted, the following information will pop up.

If Superdog is inserted, you will enter software application interface.

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Posted On Thursday 23rd February 2017 9:47 AM

NAVIPLUS PRO3000 the newest version is V1.1289. If your 32bit 64bit NAND Flash Tool is old version, you can update it with new version V1.1288 NAVIPLUS PRO3000 Apple NAND Flash programmer.

New V1.1289 NAVIPLUS PRO3000 Update Features:

ADD: Support iphone 5S NAND
ADD: iphone 5s underlying data change, and when change the NAND Flash on iphone 5S, fingerprints function is also working well.
bug fixes: 


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Posted On Wednesday 15th February 2017 6:50 PM

Digiprog 3 V4.94 Programmer is a top odometer correction tools. digprog3 4.94  with Full Software Multi Languages. Digiprog3 DP3 V4.94 Model list will help you check out which if your cars supported.

Digiprog 3 V4.94 Digiprog III DP3 Digi prog3 Odometer Master

Alfa 145 Programming via Chip
Alfa 146 Programming via Chip
Alfa 147/Chip86 Programming via Chip
Alfa 156 M2002 Programming Via Micro
Alfa 156HC11 Programming via Chip
Alfa 164 Only in our Office
Alfa 166 Model 2002 Programming Via Micro
Alfa 166HC11 Programming Via Micro
Alfa 166M 2002 Programming via Chip
Alfa Spider / GTV Only in our Office
Aston Martin DB7 Programming Via Micro
Aston Martin DB9 Program via cluster
Aston Martin Gallardo Programming Via Chip
Aston Martin Vanquish Programming Via Micro
Aston Martin Zagato Programming Via Micro
Audi A2/3/4/6 VDO 07/01 Diagnostic
Audi A2/3/4/6 VDO 07/01- Diagnostic
Audi A3 A8 2003 on Service & Navigation Diagnostic
Audi A3 to 06/01 Diagnosis
Audi A3 UKNSI Programmind Via Chip
Audi A4 Bosch 2002 Diagnostic
Audi A4 Modell 2001 Bosch Diagnostic
Audi A4 UKNSI Programmind Via Chip
Audi A8 / S8 up 02/99 Programming via Chip
Audi A8 24C16 Chip Programming via Chip
Audi A8 to 01/99 Diagnosis
Audi A8 VDO 2002 Programming via chip
Audi Audi A3/ A6/ A8 2006 on Diagnostic
Audi Jaeger/Magneti Marelli up 04/99 Diagnosis
Audi Magnetti Marelli All models Diagnostic
Audi MM 4/99 Diagnosis
Audi MM4/99 HC12 Programming Via Micro
Audi TT Diagnosis
Bentley Continental GT 2003 / Diagnostic
Bentley Continetal Program Via Chip
BMW 3 Series E4

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Posted On Monday 20th February 2017 5:15 PM

XTUNER T1 Heavy Duty Scanner test report. XTUNER T1 confirmed to work fine with Cummins CM2150C. XTUNER T1 Heavy Duty Scanner Diagnostic CM2150C Test FeedBack of Cummins truck CM2150C.

XTUNER T1 Heavy Duty Scanner XTUNER T1 HD Trucks Tool

Test purpose:

To confirm the functionality of Xtuner T1, check it’s working or not

Engine to test:

Cummins truck CM2150C

Scanner for the test:

Xtuner T1 truck

Tested functions:

Basic diagnosis (incl. Read/ clear faults, read data stream)

Activation test

Maintenance oil reset

Communication method in the test:

Obdii connection to the vehicle

WIFI connection to the PC and scanner

Test results:

Read/ clear faults......OK

Read data stream......OK

Activation test......OK

Maintenance oil reset......OK

Photos attached ...

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Posted On Sunday 12th February 2017 5:52 PM

VOLVOXC90 DoIP Diagnosis tool can support volvo vehicles till year 2015. VBOX-VOLVO can offer customer remote on-line service, including VOLVO whole vehicle, parts manual, technical guide, whole vehicle circuit diagram, repair services.


XC90 Multibus VCI scanner For Volvo VBOX-VOLVO XC90 VCI

How to use VBOX-VOLVO XC90?

1. Connect to hardware, insert the box into OBD interface, connect the box with internet reticle and computer reticle interface, red light sparkling. You can find the OBD interface on the left side down of the seat.

Hardware lights instruction:

LED status Status instruction
Red light sparkling hardware working ok
Green light sparkling data communication status

2. UDVOLVO is a free install application, decompression zip package to local computer folder, run the application…/Volvo/ASAMMCD3/UDVolvo.exe press enter after you find your vehicle IP.

3. Press“Vehicle identification number, read ECU information, read fault number

4. Double press “current fault code number”, enter single ECU
Press“current fault code number or history fault code number”, press the right button on mouse go check for detail information.

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Posted On Thursday 9th February 2017 8:00 PM

QN-H618 Host of Remote Controller for copy kinds of wireless RF remote controller. H618 RF duplicate is special for locksmith workshop. QN-h618 remote controller can easy update it.

how to QN-H618 remote controller? can QN-h618 remote controller update it online? here cablesmall send update manual as follows:

QN-h618 remote controller update Manual

1. download the newest up-grade file from our website then uncompress it

2. install the driver

3. after install the driver, start the program

4. click" open remote file"

5. click " open"

6. connect the hose the computer by the usb. only push" enter" button of the host one time. then the host will show" update:, at the same time, " successed connect to the machine" will show on the computer.

7. click " start update"

8. after update, the host will power off automatically

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Posted On Wednesday 18th January 2017 7:01 PM

Gasoline Autool C100 injector Cleaner user manual. C100 Fuel System Throttle Valve Clean  include many different kinds of adapter, cover almost all the EU,Asia,USA cars and light trucks. Non-Dismantle injector Throttle and fuel system.

 Here list the Gasoline Autool C100 injector Cleaner C100 Fuel System Throttle Valve Clean USer Manual from cablesmall, pls kindly check it:

AUTOOL C100 Fuel Injector Cleaner C100 Non-dismantle Injector Tester


CFS Series Fuel System On-vehicle Cleaning Assistant


CFS Series

Fuel System On-vehicle

Cleaning Assistant

CFS Series Fuel System On-vehicle Cleaning Assistant


The operation procedure of fuel system cleaning:

Firstly, please check the car being with which kind of fuel system, carburetor system or

electronic fuel injection system.

Operation for the electronic fuel injection system as follows:

The pipeline connection of the engine:

Engine with fuel-return pipe

1-CFS Cleaner;2-Engine;3-Connecting the plug;4- The fuel-outlet pipe of the CFS;

5-Filter;6-Fuel-outlet pipe of engine;7- Fuel-return pipe of engine;8-Fuel pump;9-Fuel tank。

a) Disconnect the fuel-outlet pipe(C、D) and the fuel-return pipe(A、B) of the engine, and

select a suitable connector to separately connect the port B and port C to the plug and the

outlet pipe of CFS.

b) Connect the left two ports (A, D) by a suitable pipe. Or unplug the engine fuel pump fuse, or

disconnect the power cable of the engine fuel pump.

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Posted On Tuesday 17th January 2017 5:59 PM

C200 Fuel Injector Cleaner & Tester is with English Panel. AUTOOL CT200 Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaner &Tester Better than LAUNCH CNC602A CNC-602A. AUTOOL CT200 Support 110V/220V.

 AUTOOL CT200 Petrol Ultrasonic Injector CT200 Fuel Injector Cleaner

Important Noitice:

1 This one is for 6 cylinder car (It will fit for 4 cylinder after blocking two test tube )
2 The machine work on Petrol injector, NOT for Diesel injector
3 Because liquid can not be shipped by airmail, our CT200 do not contain Injector test liquid and Injector detergent, you can purchase it from your local market. Please kindly forgive.
4 Motorcycle injector testing for HONDA YAMAHA SUZUKI SANYANG only(adapter need extra fee ),
Customization special adapter for your motorcycle, please contact us.


1. LED display;

2. Ultrasonic cleaning trough built-in;

3. Tool trolley make it more conveniently to operate;

4. Equip with high quality SIEMENS pump, make it endurable;

5. Discharging fluid more quickly, add 2 value in front of machine

Main Function:

1 Cleanning petrol injector with ultrasonic
2 Cleanning spark plug:Put spark plug into cleaning tank ,input clean fluid and begin clean
3 Testing injector injection in different situation, check leaking and blocking
4 Cleanning injector without disassembly (need extra accessory and extra fee,choose by yourself)
5 Cleanning throttle valve without disassembly. (need extra accessory and extra fee,choose by yourself)
6 Standard config for top feed injector only (side feed injector adapter need extra fee, choose by yourself
7 Cleanning and test motorcycle injector,testing function for

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Posted On Friday 13th January 2017 8:05 PM

NexLink NL102 a useful and muti-language diagnostic tool. NexLink NL102 Car&Truck Scanner for Trucks in multi-systems. NexLink NL102 obd2 diagnostic scanner is a 12V 24V HD OBD ABS Engine Transmission Brake Heavy Truck Scan Tool.

Nexlink NL102 Car Truck Scanner NEXAS NL102 Heavy Duty Tool

Tips of NexLink NL102 Car&Truck Scanner NexLink NL102:

1. please kindly know that it just a 12V 24V code reader, cannot coding and programming
2. There are limitations of this item on live information such as temps and pressures . oil , coolant rail pressures but will not read cummins fault codes unless you disconnect a sensor cable and force a code
3. Support: English, Spanish and French;

About NL102 from

NL102 is a useful and muti-language diagnostic tool for DIY cutomers, which can read and clear trouble codes with heavy duty trucks as well as work for all cars mini vans and light duty vehicles (OBDII & CAN) from 1996 on and latest - EU, US and Asian.
However it may not works on some special cars and trucks without OBD2 protocol

Trucks Coverage: Cummings, Detroit, Caterpillar, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, John Deere, Peterbilt, Sterling, Mack, Mecedes Benz, VOLVO and some diesel trucks; Cars, min vans, light duty from 1996

Reading & clearing trouble codes for Trucks in multi-systems: engine, transmission, instrument panel, brake, vehicle management, cab climate, fuel system, particularte and etc




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Posted On Monday 9th January 2017 7:10 PM

TY90 universal remote programmer is an multi-functional and smart machine to remote (Garage door / Auto, RKE), it support: Remote frequency detect and Frequency edit, remote data detect, compare, edit, copy and data generate / regenerate etc. TY90 universal remote programmer is the upgrade version of QN-H618 and Digital Counter Master.

TY90 Universal Remote Programmer TY90 Counter Remote Master

TY90 remote programmer Features:

1: TY90 from cablesmall support Edit Frequency from 300MHZ~500MHZ, and don't need distinguish A / B /C type sub-remote, also don't need distinguish the button, and edit the each button alone, the same one remote have different control Frequency on different button.
2:  TY90 support FSK remote key data detect / data comaring / re-generation. also can support all fixed code and rolling  code remote.
3: TY90 support almost Garage door remote control  / motor remote / car remote , also can support computer code.
4: all key lost, TY90 from cablesmall also support part remote key

Cablesmall TY90 universal remote programmer user Manual:

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Posted On Saturday 7th January 2017 7:44 PM

MCT-500 Motorcycle Scan Tool Support K-line and CANBUS protocols. MCT500 Motorcycle Diagnsotic Tool Support Multi-Brand Motorcycles. MCT-500 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool Replacement MCT200.   MCT-500 Motorcycle Scan Tool MCT500 Motorcycle Diagnsotic Tool 

MCT500 Features:   Retrieve ECU information Display live data stream Read fault codes Clear fault codes Component test Special Function,such as: oil reset, ISC reset, CO adjustment etc Support view waveforms and the numerical curve changes in data steam. MCT-500 Motocycle Scanner Support protocol:K-line and CANBUS protocols. MCT 500 motor diagnostic tool Package:    1PC x MCT-500 Main Unit 1PC x Main Test Cable 1PC x S-YM cable     1PC x KY-MCO cable 1PC x SU-ZUKI-4PIN diagnostic cable 1PC x SU-ZUKI-6PIN diagnostic cable 1PC x P-GO diagnostic cable      1PC x YA-MAHA diagnostic cable 1PC x Battery Clamp

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