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Posted On Tuesday 27th June 2017 11:09 AM

This Father's day bring your old Kindle and get $20 off on purchase of a brand new Kindle. Gift something new and unique to your Father with a very affordable price. Say bye to your old Kindle and experience the new love of reading with new Kindle features.

Here’s good news for all those who wanted to buy a new Kindle or the people who wish if they could have something new on Kindle. Now you can get the latest new Kindle at $20 less than its original market price. New Kindle has features that look like a fusion of the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite. Moreover, it’s waterproof too. So now no need to spend a lot of money on buying Kindle Voyage just by the New Kindle that has all its features at a very cheaper rate as compared to it.

This $20 off is only applicable to the Kindle devices that are not older than the year 2010. There is a $10 off on any of the Amazon purchase if you deposit your older Kindle devices like those are having a keyboard of the Third Generation Kindle and $20 off if you buy the New Kindle. This $10 off is applicable only if the Kindle is working correctly and there is no breakage mark on the screen. So just bring any old working Kindle and get the new one at a certain discounted price. For more older models of the Kindle, there is an off available, but it may be less depending on the model of Kindle and its working condition at that time.

The market price of New Kindle is $79.99, but the Father’s day special deals are giving you a chance to get the new one at a good discounted price. These discount offers are available for an undefined period i.e. it may last for an extended period or may end tomorrow. There is no pre-decided time for this offer

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Posted On Monday 19th June 2017 11:24 AM

Apart going to the official website for any purchase, all the users will soon be able to shop from Amazon’s shopping app on their fire TV.

How is it going with your dynamic media player? Being one of the prime devices of Amazon, Fire TV has marked its place as one of the key entertainers for all the users around the world. Despite these devices, the main motto of the e-commerce website is to render its classic service to all the potential users out there. For this, Amazon has now enabled its shopping app on the Fire TV. After enabling the app on the Apple TV, Amazon just rolled out the app on its very own Fire TV.

Key Things To Know About The App -

  • With the app, all the consumers will be allowed to shop down their favorite things from the Fire TV gadgets. It is similar to the app created for the Apple TV uses to purchase their things from their Apple TV, according to Tech Crunch.
  • The app permits the Fire TV users to search out for all their items by just typing in text with the ability to easily filter out the results according to the department, and also using out the other shopping functions and features that are in the Amazon’s website, such as the ability to add the items in the wishlist, see the product suggestions and reviews, select out from the preferable payment method and choosing the shipping options.
  • Officially, the app has not been released by Amazon. Eventually, it doesn’t permit the Fire TV users to use up the platform’s voice navigation abilities to search out and shop for the products in the latest app, according to Tech Cru

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Posted On Wednesday 7th June 2017 1:31 PM

Now Amazon Echo will tell you about your outfits, so, what are you waiting for? Go and grab it. For more, check out the following content.

Amazon presented the Echo Look on Wednesday. It’s part camera, part Alexa, part fashionista. The oval-shaped device grasps LED lights and a voice-controlled camera that lets you take full-body images and videos to gather and compare outfits. Echo Look does everything the Amazon Echo speaker does- such as read the news and weather information etc. but now it can tell what to wear as well. So, fashion maniacs, if you haven’t brought Amazon then do it and complete the steps of Amazon Echo Setup. You Echo will help you out in choosing the ideal dress. We know it sounds odd that machine will judge our outfit but we’re a part of advanced technology buddy, so almost everything is possible.

A well-matched app keeps track of separate outfits in what Amazon calls a ‘personal lookbook.’ And its ‘Style Chek’ aspect is like having a fashion judge in your pocket.

Style Check lets you choose two images and have Alexa determine which one is good. It is powered by both machine-learning technology and human beliefs. An Amazon spokesperson said the mechanized results consider ‘fit, color, styling, seasons and recent trends.’ Amazon’s ‘fashion specialists’ support train the software to be a good judge of style as well. If you’re already using Amazon Echo then you can ask

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Posted On Wednesday 24th May 2017 11:50 AM

If you owe the Amazon fire TV on your side, then DIRECTTV NOW is one of the classic apps that you can’t miss out on your fire TV. Here is the fine way to set up and manage the app by using Fire TV.

Amazon fire TV has been the finest product of the e-commerce retail giant which has grab the attention of all the potential users by providing their favorite quality audio/video content to the high-definition television. The best thing about the fire TV is that it also permit the users to play the video games with the coming remote with the TV through a mobile app or with the option of the game controller.

As you are pretty aware that there are tons of streaming service which render the quality of content to your fire TV. In the fine list of streaming services, there is the classic DIRECTTV NOW service which is one of the classic add-ons in the streaming service that you can easily setup and manage by using Fire TV or Fire TV stick.


It is the brand new streaming service for the Live TV and ON demand entertainment. Simply enjoy the shows, events, sports, and news easily on air. Basically, all your favorite TV movies and TV series can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime.

List of all the things which you will get with DIRECTTV NOW service -

a)      LIVE TV- Simply stream the shows, events, sports, and news on 120+ live chan

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Posted On Wednesday 3rd May 2017 4:50 PM

Besides the existing features, Amazon rolled out the newly boosted fire tv stick in the market. Here is the overall review of the stick.

The amazon fire tv stick has been the key device of the Amazon in the market, which is well-known to render the ability to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime video, UK-catch up TV, and YouTube. It's quite easy to install the bunch of new apps and games for getting the extensive range of content just like the apple TV. Easy to get plug directly into the compatible HDMI port of the TV, the dynamic digital strumming stick has been enabled with the ultimate features, which we are reviewing in this blog post. In the case of any problematic bug with your current stick, you can head on to Fire stick support for better assistance and solutions.

1)      Newly added- Comparing the latest version with the old one, the 2017 model has got the Amazon Alexa built in and also comes with the alike Voice remote as the fine fire tv, so that you can easily hold down the microphone button and do ask Alexa anything. As you were expecting the at the low price, as there is no fine support for 4K, that is quite expensive to the new fire tv box, Here’s is the updated summary about all the specifications as compared to the old Stick:

i)                    802.11ac Wi-Fi

ii)              &nbs

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Posted On Friday 14th April 2017 10:48 AM

Being a user of Amazon Fire TV if you want to grab the steps of downloading Kodi on to your Amazon Fire Stick, then you need to check these simple steps.


Simply put, Kodi is open-source made particularly with home entertainment in the brain- and it’s completely free. Although it was initially made for the Microsoft Xbox and known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC), the software has continued to change, laying, a community of its own.

Kodi importantly turns any system, tablet or smartphone into a digital set-top box or streamer, providing users the ability to cast or stream files from the internet.

The mist well-liked device to get Kodi running on is Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

This lightweight streaming dongle plugs directly into your TV and can slip into your pocket if you so wish.

So, how do you download it?

How To Get Kodi On An Amazon Fire Stick

1. Uploading Kodi to your Fire TV Stick will provide you lot of additional content, as well as the capability to run amazing addons0 and it only takes a few minutes to setup. You can also take Fire TV Support by getting in touch with professionals.

2. To begin the procedure, users must first step ahead to the options, Settings > System > Developer Options. To use Kodi you will need to ensure ‘Apps from Unknow

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Posted On Wednesday 8th March 2017 10:29 AM

Accessing the extensive number of eBooks is one of the supreme things to do with the Kindle device. All the downloaded kindle eBooks uses the AZW file format which can be copied easily on the kindle. If you get any query, you can reach out to Amazon Kindle Customer Service to get the better solutions.

Are you doing well with your Kindle device? The fine e-reading device has been the prominent player in the e-reading device market. With the astonishing features and an amazing line up of services, Kindle has also been able to capture the attention of all the potential users across the different boundaries of the world. If you are one of the fine users of the e-reading device, then you can get to Amazon kindle Update to get the latest updates regarding the device.

Well, it’s been a known fact that under the kindle library, all the users can access the extensive number of books with different titles and genres. And for accessing the fine eBooks, all you need to do is to purchase and download the digital eBooks from the official website of Amazon. You may have notice that every eBook that you download from Amazon uses the AZW file format, which actually results in the applying of Digital Rights Management encryption and licensing to all the eBooks. The AZW format is actually the kindle eBook file format. Having this kind of eBook files can easily store all the annotations, page numbers, and bookmarks that actually sounds similar to the physical version of the eBook. Well, it’s quite easy to move the AZW eBook files to the kindle, as long as they don’t have any kind of DRM protection. Besides the e-reading, there are many t

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