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Arts Cultivating Your Inner Wisdom

How artists say about intuition is quite interesting...

Picasso told a friend that intuition was like having a carrier pigeon with a message land on your balcony. "The important thing is knowing that the pigeon has arrived," he said, "you don't have to unroll the message and read it."

Below are some quotes that stood out. Following that are a few paintings linked to some commentaries that went into more depth.

Steve Macks Dilley (Ceramicist)

"I start with an idea (sometimes not) but it is the intuition that leads me. I know it is right and true when I can feel it in my 'gut' (an acronym for 'grand unifying theory')."

Lisa Pressman (Painter)

"Intuition in my studio practice is crucial. It is about trusting and not thinking. The thinking part comes later..."

Sheryl Humphrey (Painter)

"For me, intuition is the DNA of an artwork -- its nature. Intellect then molds the work -- its nurture."

Julia Schwartz (Painter)

"I have written something like 'my only intention is to paint without intention' which means for me without conscious intention, i.e. because of course there are unconscious forces (intuition?) guiding the work."



In early November a 1969 painting by Francis Bacon set a world record for most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. "Three Studies of Lucian Freud" was sold for $142,405,000 at Christie's postwar and contemporary art sale. The triptych depicts Bacon's friend and fellow artist Lucian Freud. The buyer of the work remains unknown. Jerry Saltz memorably called the piece "A middle-brow painting by a middle-brow painter painting another middle-brow painter."

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