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How to Change Yahoo Messenger Password!! In Simple Steps

Posted On Wednesday 4th January 2017 4:49 PM


Unaware Regarding How to Change Yahoo Messenger Password!!  Methods of Yahoo Password Change Revealed.

Yahoo messenger has been quite prevalent among the internet users since its advent. People generally install Yahoo messenger from the official website on his/ her PC or Smartphone device, taking into consideration, compatibility of the OS. Registered Yahoo webmail users can access messenger services using the login credentials of Yahoo email account. But at the time same time, Yahoo Messenger password change is mandatory for account security at a specified time interval, say bi-weekly basis.

People generally forget email account password and perform recovery of Yahoo password by applying certain methods that help in attaining account key which is received at recovery phone number or secondary email address. But the question arises that how can a user change the password of Yahoo messenger with the help of valid login credentials.

The majority of users are not aware of the yahoo messenger password change methods due to which most of them get prey to a yahoo account security breach that happens due to negligence or carelessness showed by users. People do not get exact help from experts working with Yahoo customer support team on an instant basis due to the absence of official Yahoo support helpline number. Due to improper guidance, users are not able to reset or change Yahoo messenger password with ease.

 Methods of Yahoo Messenger Password Change Revealed

Yahoo Inc understands the problem of users and this is the only reason, this webmail service provider has revealed certain steps to perform Yahoo password reset or recovery in case they do not remember the login password of Yahoo mail. Other than this, Yahoo password change steps are also enumerated for the user; who remember login credentials.


How to Change Yahoo Messenger Password in case user does not remember Yahoo password?

  • Double-click on Yahoo messenger icon is shown on the screen of desktop or laptop
  • Once the yahoo messenger interface is displayed, click on the link “Forgot Your password”.
  • As the link is clicked upon, a second slide is displayed “What problems are you having with Yahoo account”.
  • Click on the first option “I have a problem with my password” and press next button to proceed further.
  • In the next slide, a box appears in which you need to enter Yahoo login id which was generated at the time of registration. Proceed towards the next step by clicking next button.
  • Once you go to the next step, a message is displayed that “You have successfully verified your identity” with two boxes to provide new Yahoo password twice.
  • Enter the secure password which has never been used before in this webmail account and also selects the option to get account key on recovery phone number or secondary email address.
  • Click on next button and wait for account key to getting received on recovery phone number or secondary email account.
  • Once the account key is generated and sent to phone or email address, provide the same in the box shown in a new window and press con continue button to get account key validated that is quite an essential step to change yahoo messenger password in case you do not remember the existing login password.
  • As the account key gets validated, the message is displayed on the screen “Yahoo messenger password changed”.
  • Now go back and double click on the Yahoo messenger and provide login credentials that should have new Yahoo password just changed with recuperate or recover Yahoo password process.

 How to Change Yahoo Messenger Password Accessing Yahoo email Account?

  • Open a web browser and type
  • Once Yahoo web portal screen is displayed on the web browser window, click on mail option.
  • As the screen is displayed, provide the yahoo login credentials and sign-in into Yahoo account with ease.
  • As you successfully access Yahoo email account, go to setting gear and click on the same. Once it is clicked, a drop-down menu is displayed in which there is an option Account Info. Click on the same and wait for the new screen to appear.
  • Now click on account security option shown in the left sidebar and then again click on change password link being displayed on the screen.
  • A new screen appears in front of you in which you can change Yahoo password by providing the newer one twice.
  • Now click on continue button and wait for changes to get effective.
  • As the new screen is displayed, you will get a message” Congratulations, your Yahoo password has been changed”.
  • Now double click on Yahoo messenger icon and wait for the interface to get displayed. Now, enter the new yahoo password along with login id to access Yahoo messenger to interact with clients and known ones at ease.

 As there is no official Yahoo password reset support number available for the convenience of users, Yahoo tech support experts only provide resolution through email helpdesk services. Users can opt any of these two available methods with steps aligned to change Yahoo messenger password in quick time before time slips away from your hand.

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Or you can dial :

+1 - 855-777-5686 (USA/CANADA)

+44-800-051-3717 (UK)

+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)


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