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Posted On Tuesday 21st March 2017 11:36 AM

In addition to the difference between the SMPS transformers technology, wire shielding and copper shielding these two shielding effect is almost. Used in the specific power supply is not necessarily put on that good. As for why the use of wire shielding, the factors can be considered more, cost, efficiency and so on. Another point is to use the line shield can be more flexible to design, such as shielding the starting point, the end of the direction of the winding effect of this shielding effect will have a real impact.

With copper wire shielding costs will be low, it can be automated production, many SMPS transformers manufacturer have automatic machines; there are copper wire shielding when the production of products consistent with the results of good EMI test;

Some shielded copper wire is used to make up the winding, to adjust the internal winding capacitor, it is easy to adjust the number of laps in the charger transformer commonly used.

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Posted On Tuesday 7th March 2017 11:55 AM

The magical effect of the soft magnetic material is not to be said, it can rely on the smallest external magnetic force to achieve maximum magnetic field strength. In some cases is essential to a necessary material. In the differential mode interference, soft magnetic material is such an important material. This paper will introduce the working principle of filter inductor and its requirement for soft magnetic material in differential mode interference.

Differential mode noise and differential mode choke coil works

Digital circuit, switching power supply, power electronic switch generated by the square wave harmonics and spike interference and motor load on the power network interference, usually belong to differential mode noise interference, differential mode interference suppression method is usually used differential mode filter inductor and differential mode A low-pass filter consisting of a capacitor. Differential mode filter inductor works: When the filter inductor coil flow through the power line low-frequency peak current or DC current core is not saturated, while maintaining sufficient incremental permeability and inductance to ensure that there is a high-frequency interference The sense of noise and the blocking effect.

The Requirement of Soft magnetic cores Materials for Differential - mode Inductors

The basic requirement for the differential mode inductor core is to have the highest possible inductance in the required interference band, subject to the rated current is not saturated, so the core material should have the following characteristics:

Constant magnetic properties: Under the conditions of rated low frequency pe

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