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Let's dig into the inductor world

Posted On Tuesday 11th October 2016 12:07 PM

DC resistance (DCR) refers to the inherent resistance of the metal conductors from common mode choke manufacturers in the inductor, and it can be modeled as an inductor in series with a resistor. DC resistance is an important parameter in the DC-DC converter is designed as a resistance thereby resulting in I2R losses reduce efficiency.

Tolerance is compared to the value specified in the data table, change the actual value of the inductance of the inductor. This may result in a RF filter frequency offset selection not want.

Recently, the filter can be easily updated on the search results page Octopart these parameters search results, so you can see in line with the best part of the search criteria, and keep in mind the above properties. Here is an example.

Also called inductor or common mode choke coil If the inductor is used to block or decoupling at higher frequencies, it is called "choke." There are kernel-based construction materials and different types of inductors. Let's look at some of the following factors:

First, the air-core inductor air-core

No air core inductor core, its biggest advantage is that they have a high Q factor and low loss. Because they do not have a core, a greater number of coils needed to obtain the same value of inductance which leads to increase in size. They are mainly used in high-frequency applications, for example, where low inductance values ​​have enough resonant circuit.

Section, select: Wuerth Elektronik's 74491 series is 1.65nH to 120nH II. Core ferrite core Inductorferrite

Ferrite cores are formed by a ferromagnetic material having a high permeability. Compared to other types of inductors have a much higher inductance. They also have lower losses. They noise filter, a high-quality transformer and DC-DC converter. Choose section: Suppliers Bourns "CM322522 series 220nH to 100μH [CPL] III.

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