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Posted On Thursday 18th May 2017 11:44 AM

toroidal transformers has a small size, low noise, less heat, high conversion efficiency advantages, has been increasingly used in industrial automation equipment, instrumentation, medical and health, household appliances. Ring transformers, especially in stepper motor power applications, show excellent performance, far beyond the U-type, E-type transformer performance.

Toroidal transformer of toroidal transformers manufacturer is the most used place is the stage moving head light, up a role in energy saving and environmental protection, the stage shaking his head light also used to a LED switching power supply, switching power supply relative to the ring transformer to use a wider, small Ball lights are used on the LED switching power supply. Here is a brief introduction to the application of the ring transformer:

The toroidal transformer power is usually determined by its diameter and height, and the higher the power, the corresponding increase in volume and weight. A variety of power specifications, a variety of input and output voltage configuration is very flexible, processing equipment is simple and fast. The toroidal transformer is running at a temperature rise of only 40 ¡ã C, allowing for short-term overload operation. Primary winding between the use of B-class (130 ¡æ) polyester film insulation, can withstand AC 4000V, 1 minute pressure test.

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Posted On Tuesday 21st March 2017 11:36 AM

In addition to the difference between the SMPS transformers technology, wire shielding and copper shielding these two shielding effect is almost. Used in the specific power supply is not necessarily put on that good. As for why the use of wire shielding, the factors can be considered more, cost, efficiency and so on. Another point is to use the line shield can be more flexible to design, such as shielding the starting point, the end of the direction of the winding effect of this shielding effect will have a real impact.

With copper wire shielding costs will be low, it can be automated production, many SMPS transformers manufacturer have automatic machines; there are copper wire shielding when the production of products consistent with the results of good EMI test;

Some shielded copper wire is used to make up the winding, to adjust the internal winding capacitor, it is easy to adjust the number of laps in the charger transformer commonly used.

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Posted On Monday 17th October 2016 1:26 PM

Three-phase transformer consists of three core columns, each core column around the same phase of the two coils, one high-voltage coil, the other is low-voltage coil. Lei Lang Shanghai transformer manufacturers now to break down the three-phase transformer works:

1, the domestic 500,330,220 and 110kV transmission system voltage phasors are in phase, so the following voltage ratio of three-phase three-phase or three-phase SMPS transformers , high voltage and medium voltage windings with stars Shaped connection. When the core structure of three-phase three-core, the low-voltage windings can also be used star connection or angle connection, it is determined by the low-voltage transmission system with the voltage phasor and high voltage transmission system voltage phasor phase or lag 30 ° electrical angle.

500/220 / LVkV - YN, yn0, yn0 or YN, yn0, d11

220/110 / LVkV - YN, yn0, yn0 or YN, yn0, d11

330/220 / LVkV - YN, yn0, yn0 or YN, yn0, d11

330/110 / LVkV - YN, yn0, yn0 or YN, yn0, d11

2, 60 and 35kV of the domestic transmission system voltage has two different phase angle.

Such as 220 / 60kV transformer using YNd11 connection, and 220/69 / 10kV transformer with YN, yn0, d11 connection, the two 60kV transmission system a difference of 30 ° electrical angle. When 220/110 / 35kV toroidal transformers adopts YN, yn0, d11 connection, 110/35 / 10kV transformer adopts YN, yn0, d11 connection, the above two 35kV transmission system voltage phasor is also worse 30 ° electrical angle. Therefore, the decision 60 and 35kV winding connection method to be careful, connection must meet the requirements of the transmission system voltage phasor. According to the relative relationship between the voltage phasor 60 and 35kV

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Posted On Tuesday 11th October 2016 12:07 PM

DC resistance (DCR) refers to the inherent resistance of the metal conductors from common mode choke manufacturers in the inductor, and it can be modeled as an inductor in series with a resistor. DC resistance is an important parameter in the DC-DC converter is designed as a resistance thereby resulting in I2R losses reduce efficiency.

Tolerance is compared to the value specified in the data table, change the actual value of the inductance of the inductor. This may result in a RF filter frequency offset selection not want.

Recently, the filter can be easily updated on the search results page Octopart these parameters search results, so you can see in line with the best part of the search criteria, and keep in mind the above properties. Here is an example.

Also called inductor or common mode choke coil If the inductor is used to block or decoupling at higher frequencies, it is called "choke." There are kernel-based construction materials and different types of inductors. Let's look at some of the following factors:

First, the air-core inductor air-core

No air core inductor core, its biggest advantage is that they have a high Q factor and low loss. Because they do not have a core, a greater number of coils needed to obtain the same value of inductance which leads to increase in size. They are mainly used in high-frequency applications, for example, where low inductance values ​​have enough resonant circuit.

Section, select: Wuerth Elektronik's 74491 series is 1.65nH to 120nH II. Core ferrite core Inductorferrite

Ferrite cores are formed by a ferromagnetic material having a high permeability. Compared to other types of inductors have a much higher inductance. They also have lower losses. They noise filter, a high-quality trans

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Posted On Monday 10th October 2016 1:04 PM

XP Power that was established in 1992 is a manufacturing, integrating research & development, trading company, supply as a whole. The company is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of PFC inductors , switching power supplies, power inductors, choke coils, high frequency transformers and filters solutions for the electronics industry with specialists who are versed in all the technical and legislation requirements.

The products of XP Power are stable quality, full range of variety, prompt delivery, competitive price so that they are applicable in New energy, communication facilities, UPS power, household appliances, Medical instrument, monitor, automotive electronics and so many other fields. After over a dozen of years' development, the company has complete quality management system, scientific technology research and development system and good service team. And now XP Power has fixed assets to the value of USD 10 million and six hundred employees and three factories located inNingbo,HefeiandXi¡¯an. The company has an annual production capacity of six million PCS. Our main market is Europe, North & South America, Middle East and Asia.

The company is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and testing apparatus as well as a R&D center comprised by various technicians, which can offer different customers different new products according to customers¡¯ needs, developing and researching more new projects. common mode choke coil always adheres to the high quality and technological innovation. In the process of production the rigorous quality inspection standards and inspection technique are used in order to realize the total quality management from the incoming inspection, process inspection, to the outgoing inspection, which guarantee the high qu

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