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Stream these gay movies on Netflix

Posted On Friday 14th April 2017 4:59 PM

Welcome to the planet Earth, if you think this is the planet where you will see a boy starts loving a girl or a girl starts loving a boy then you’re right but this is common and as a human being the feeling of attraction is natural but the attraction isn’t aware of gender. So here we’re talking about some gay movies and it’s not like that these movies are only for homosexual people, everyone can watch it. Take a glimpse at these movies. 


  1. North Sea Texas

North Sea Texas is a Flemish drama movie, directed by Bavo Defurne in 2011. This motion pictures shows a teenage boy’s search for love and affection him obsessed on a lad who resides nearby.  You shouldn’t miss this unique vibe of love.

  1. Eat With Me

When Emma shifts in with her alienated gay son, they learn to connect again through food when the family’s Chinese restaurants close. To stream this movie, you just need to fill up the appropriate credentials into Netflix Com.

  1. The Skinny

In this motion picture, you will see five black brow university companions, four gay men, and a lesbian unite again in New York City for a weekend of enjoyment, sins, mysteries, and drama. We recommend you watch this movie on your Netflix’s platform.

  1. Do I Sound Gay?

Do I Sound Gay is an American documentary film directed by David Thorpe, which searches the existence and correctness of stereotypes can contribute to stewed homophobia. You shouldn’t miss this amazing documentary.

  1. Free Fall

While he has a girlfriend and a baby on the path, a cop (Hanno Koffler) attracts to a male colleague (Max Riemelt) and fall and love with him. If you haven’t activated Netflix then do it now by stepping ahead to Netflix Com Activate.

  1. Yossi & Jagger

Jagger is the outgoing unit leader of Israeli Protection Force squad posted on the border of Lebanese, Yossi is his commanding officer. An absorbed soldier, Yossi is beginning to buckle under the weight of his concealed homosexuality.  

  1. Such Good People

 A young gay couple who are house-sitting for well-off buddies find a room full of money after their buddies are murdered overseas. To watch the full movie, you to stream this on Netflix and if you haven’t downloaded this app then do it today.

  1. Four Moons

One more different concept on your Netflix. Four Moons shows the love and revulsion build for four men from separate generations as they encounter with disagrees and fear. We recommend you don’t miss this motion picture on your Netflix. 

  1. In The Grayscale

Bruno, an architect with an amazing life, is hired to make an iconic landmark, and as he works with a gay or you can say homosexual history teacher named Fer, an unanticipated and powerful romance begins to bloom. You should stream this movie on your favorite streaming service.

  1. Getting Go

A young man (Tanner Cohen) who is fanatical with a hunky go-go dancer (Matthew Camp) plan to make a film about New York City’s nightlife so he can encounter the object of his liking and love. Being a user of Netflix if you need any Netflix Tv Help then you can get in touch with experts.

  1. eCupid

A gay man of around 30, and in a 7-year relationship rut, taps into an unearthly Internet commercial that begins omnisciently managing and controlling his life. To know the full story, you need to stream this full movie on Netflix.

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