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Preserve your child’s eyes by giving them best care

Posted On Monday 10th April 2017 5:11 PM

Every parent is excited during the birth of their babies and they always want to give best care to them. They have little idea that their kids’ life journey has many surprises, some of them good and others not so pleasant. Parents are keen to keep a record of their baby’s first smile, first word, first step etc and they happily capture all their moments. But when it comes to their primary school and they get to know that their child is not performing well in class, it seems that the whole world shatters for parents. On getting into the details of the reason for this, they realise that their child’s poor eye-sight is the major reason for this setback. In such cases, it is always required to take the help of best child eye specialist in Gurgaon, as he can tell you the exact reason for the problem.

When an infant is born, he needs a thorough eye check-up to diagnose for any kind of eye infections, congenital disease especially when the baby is premature or has birth weight less than 2 kgs. During this stage, an expert child eye specialist in Gurgaon needs to check for retinopathy of prematurity. One should go for regular eye check-ups for their children time to time as there are chances that problems may occur in their eyes like squint, nystagmus, congenital nasolacrimal duct block, retinoblastoma etc. Dr. Neeraj Sandhuja in “Viaan Eye & Retina Care” is one of the best paediatric ophthalmologists in Gurgaon who can help your child develop a good vision with his care as well as apt treatment. He encourages parents to undergo visual ability check of their children not only for healthy eyes but also bright future. You can visit him at his clinic for any concerns related to your child’s eyes or visit his website for details

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