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Stricture Treatment - Ways to Rectify the Urethral Problem

Posted On Friday 24th February 2017 1:07 PM

The medical situation in which the flow of urine through the urethra gets restricted is called the Urethral stricture. The urethra is a tube in our body through which the urine flows from the bladder for the expulsion of urine. The restriction is present due to narrowing of the urethra. The condition mostly happens to the men. Here are more things about the Urethral stricture treatment in India.


v  There is frequent and sudden urge to urinate

v  Pain and swelling of the penis

v  Dark colored urine

v  Not being able to urinate is a serious symptom which requires quick attention

There are other symptoms as well. The stricture treatment in India relieves the patient from all these symptoms.

One of the reasons for the narrowing of the urethra which leads to the urethral stricture is the scar tissue in the urethra. Getting hit near the area of the scrotum and injury by fall on bicycle bar are examples of straddle injury leading to urethral stricture.The fracture of the pelvis, radiation, prostate surgery and catheter insertion are some other possible reasons.

Treatment methods


The process includes insertion of a small tube in the bladder for draining the blocked urine. The doctor might give the antibiotics for treating the infection if any is present.


The doctors use a wire passed through the urethra to the bladder to increase the opening of the urethra by gradually passing larger dilators. Firstly doctor uses a tiny wire.


The procedure involves removal or enlarging of the narrow area of the urethra by surgery. There might be a reconstruction of the surrounding tissue using the other tissue of the body. The method is very useful.

With the fantastic and well-known facilities from Robotic surgeon Delhi one can stay relaxed. Get the best urethral stricture treatment in India from the top class doctor. No longer one has to worry about the problems of urethral stricture.

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