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Posted On Thursday 18th May 2017 2:16 PM

How happy are you with your current job? Like several other workers out there, you could be too dissatisfied with your job. If you like your job, it could be that you hate being employed. This is your chance to quit your job and start your own home-based business. If you are not sure of this still, here are five reasons why you should resign.


  1. Your employer is going down

Don’t wait until the company you work for is too weak to save. Leave now that it is already losing customers, filing for bankruptcy, facing a court case or losing money. If you continue to work there, you will always fear losing your job.

  1. You no longer see eye-to-eye with your employer

Did you recently have an augment with your manager? Chances are that your relationship is not broken beyond repair. Whether it was your fault or not, things will never be the same again. Even if you try being the best employee, your manager might hear none of it. So, leave and start working from home.

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