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Waste tyre process pyrolysis plant

Posted On Friday 19th May 2017 9:22 AM


pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre process pyroysis plant

Pyrolysis plant by using the waste tires, waste rubber, waste plastic, acrylic and organic solid waste as raw material adopts pyrolysis process to refine oil. At present company have a number of patents and technology in the domestic leading. Completely having independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology in coarse carbon black wet grinding processing technique and technology of waste plastics cracking unit in a row, waste rubber microwave pyrolysis reaction device automatically, shale horizontal continuous distillation device and dry distillation method, and other items. Solved common questions of continuous producing seal feeding under the high temperature, the material of sulfide, chloride corrosion problem of equipment, blocking problem, micro negative stability with pyrolysis problem etc.

The process design of pyrolysis plant is reasonable, advanced manufacturing technology, high degree of automation, complete safety facility

Waste tyre  process  pyrolysis plant  technology  Characteristics

tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre process pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plant  Adopts micro negative pressure rotary cracking kettle, heated evenly, pyrolysis fast, high oil yield, on gas spillover

③ Pyrolysis Project Adopts efficient coal, fuel and non-condensable gas mixed fuel heating system, the system of flue gas via strong atomized dust remover and industrial waste gas purifier process after discharge can reach the national pollution-free emissions standards, the complete set of device environmental effect can achieve the european and American highest standard and also approved by American EPI environmental protection certification.

④ Oil and gas cooling system adopt cooling tower indirect cooling way, this is our company's mature technology, especially suitable for oil and gas cooling and heating oil recovery.

⑤ Non-condensable gas during refining process, can be directly as pyrolysis reactor fuel combustion chamber, greatly save the fuel energy.

⑥ After pyrolysis produced carbon black can be comprehensive utilizating effectively, and meet the national EPC quality certification.

⑦ This Pyrolysis Project process not only is suitable for dealing with waste rubber and waste plastic, waste tires, straw, acrylic small particles shale waste can also processing, at the same time can also be applied to sludge and oil field waste.

The Final products of waste tyre process Pyrolysis Plant : 45% Tire oil, 35% carbon black; 12-15% steel wire; 5-8%. The Final products of Plastic pyrolysis Plant : 90% Plastic oil, 10% carbon black.

tyre pyrolysis plant

Fuel oil application
Tire oil is also called fuel oil, can be directly sold (they are also used for processing or used for boiler combustion, bath center, restaurants, burning fuels such as floor brick) or deep processing into organic solvent with refining equipment and automotive fuel, etc. Carbon black can be directly as a fuel sales, also can use carbon black refining processing equipment, this equipment has two kinds of models, a kind of model can be processed to 300-1000 purpose, end products can do tire rubber or filling material, a kind of model can be processed to 1000-2500 purpose, end products can do industrial carbon black, printing ink, etc. Plastic oil, fuel oil, also called direct sales or used as fuel. Plastic quality of carbon black a little almost used as fuel.

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