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Pyrolysis plant

Posted On Thursday 11th May 2017 8:21 AM

What is a Waste Pyrolysis Plant?

pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plant is a machine which is used to convert waste plastic or tyres into useable products like fuel oil. The raw material used in this machine is waste tyre or plastic which is then heated in a reactor in the absence of oxygen. When the material is heated it generates some oil gas in the reactor and then it goes into the condenser where it transformed into liquid oil. The left over gas oil which cannot be condensed is further can be recycled to heat the reactor itself. The tyre recycling machine needs a very little energy to complete the process. This is a very useful machine through which waste tyres can be recycled properly without harming the environment. The machinery and equipment used in pyrolysis plant project includes a pyrolysis reactor, condenser, raw material handing section, hydraulic cutter, scrubbing system, hydrocarbon gas cleaning and storage system, oil storage system, cooling tower etc.

The Benefits of Using Pyrolysis Plant

tyre pyrolysis plant

The Benefits of Using Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis plant can not only help us to deal with the rapid growth of waste tyres but also it can help us to reuse the tyres, save natural resource and protect the environment. Using this pyrolysis systems we can recover energy and value from the waste tyres in form of purest quality fuel oil, charcoal, steel wire, fuel gas, carbon black etc. Pyrolysis machine uses green technology to recycle tyres which ensures that there is no pollution or solid waste at the end of the process which is a great benefit for our environment.

plastic pyrolysis plant
Tyre pyrolysis plant working process

The process of recycling used tyres involves the act of exposing the waste tire into an oxygen free zone under high temperatures of around 400 to 500 degree Celsius. If oxygen is left within the plant, the plastic will end up burning and therefore oil will not be generated. The tire must be cut into 4-5 parts then added to base oil and the cracking catalyst which is heated by a small amount of diesel oil as per the amount of tyres to be recycled or by use of gas. During this tyre to oil recycling process, the tire that is subjected to high temperatures starts to break down into small molecules of pyrolysis gas, wire which in this case is steel, carbon black and pyrolysis oil through a process known as pyrolysis also depolymerization or warm air cracking which is a chemical reaction.

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