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Tyre to fuel oil recycling machine

Posted On Thursday 11th May 2017 8:09 AM

tyre to fuel oil

Waste tyre to fuel oil recycling machine

The rapid development of automobile industry around the world has given us an unlimited number of vehicles which has similarly resulted unlimited number of waste tyres. Waste tyres are very hazardous in nature, especially the rubber used in the tyre and they can be a growing threat to the environment. Thus, disposal or recycling of these tyres is a very crucial task that every country should perform seriously in order to save the environment.

There are many ways available how tyres can be recycled and one of the most popular methods is pyrolysis process. According to many tyre to fuel oil recycling machine project report analysis, this is a very successful and safe procedure of recycling waste tyres where the tyres are melted by heating in an oxygen free environment. This is a commercially viable process which is widely used to decompose the tyres into fuel gas, fuel oil, carbon black and steel residue etc.

tyre recycling machine

Tyre to fuel oil recycling machine
Waste tyre to fuel oil recycling machine can not only help us to deal with the rapid growth of waste tyres but also it can help us to reuse the tyres, save natural resource and protect the environment. Using this pyrolysis systems we can recover energy and value from the waste tyres in form of purest quality fuel oil, charcoal, steel wire, fuel gas, carbon black etc. Waste tyre to fuel oil machine uses green technology to recycle tyres which ensures that there is no pollution or solid waste at the end of the process which is a great benefit for our environment

tyre to fuel oil recycling machine

Fuel oil application

The oil produced from the waste tyre to oil recycling machine can be further used as industrial diesel or furnace oil. Maximum tyre recycling pyrolysis plant project report analysis say that the main application of the fuel oil produced from this plant is mostly used in machines where there is no requirement of high quality fuel

The waste tyre to fuel oil recycling machine is currently on demand for tyre recycling projects because of offering usable end products, economic benefits, great environment friendly benefits etc. Industries or people who are in business of recycling waste plastic or tyres they can definitely choose this plant as their recycling machine.

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