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Avoid Liver diseases by taking best care of your health

Posted On Friday 17th March 2017 4:11 PM

Liver being the largest internal organ in human body is responsible or performing many important functions like it keeps the body free from harmful substances, produces proteins in the body, helps clot blood, stores iron & vitamins, converts ammonia into urea and destroys old RBCs. When this normal functioning of liver is disrupted due to some reason, then whole body has to suffer. There are times when major portion of the liver is damaged beyond repair and it is not able to perform its functions at all. This medical condition is termed as liver failure that requires the immediate consultation of best doctor for liver in Delhi.

Liver failure is a fatal condition which can cause the death of the patient. Therefore, it is important that you immediately should visit the most famous liver doctor in Delhi when you see visible symptoms of the disease. The damage to liver is caused over a period of many years and this is why one doesn’t see any initial symptoms of the disease and comes to know about the problem only in the later stages. By this time, a lot of damage is already done to the liver. However, in case of acute liver damage, the failure of liver occurs rapidly in almost 48 hours and the person doesn’t even realise the problem in first instant.

The major reason for liver failure is alcohol consumption, though there are many other reasons also that are responsible for it. PSRI hospital located in Delhi has the most renowned and proficient liver doctors in Delhi that strive hard to achieve successful outcomes at most affordable cost. Latest techniques and ultra-modern technology is used in this liver hospital to ensure that all the procedures are performed with great care and accuracy. Contact them for more information of liver diseases.

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