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Why my Gmail account has been deleted

Posted On Wednesday 12th April 2017 3:23 PM

Grab step-by-step solution if Gmail account has been deleted:

Gmail is a very fine creature of Google incorporation which is nothing but a free advertisement and email service. User can communicate with any other person sitting at the second end of the globe. Many of attachments can be easily send to the client. Gmail can be used for communication personally as well as professionally. Many of the time account gets deleted or sometimes user intentionally delete the account and later on they want to recover them. There are so many members like Gmail customer service phone number who are highly able to resolve all kind of problems. We have an advanced panel where many techies are working day and night for exploring the different easy way of solving contentions. Many of the satisfied people are recommending our technical service to others. There are many method through which you can resolve such disputes. Few of them are mentioned below. We are carving a new definition in the field of providing necessary solution for any query. Many time people use to ask why my gmail account has been deleted because even they do not the reason behind. We track every record remotely so nothing to worry we will solve your problem very conveniently.

Steps to recover deleted Gmail account:

First of all go tho the Gmail site and try to sign in. If not signing then click on the option “I am having other problems in signing in”

If ever availed the gmail account then enter that account id.

Now enter the desired password of your account.

Click on submit and recovery request to continue.

Now you have to complete the confirmation process.

Enter the Answer of few security questions asked by that time.

User will receive OTP on his or her registered mobile number.

You have to enter that one time password.

Click on continue option and by clicking you will be able to access your account once again.

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