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Wireless Doorbell - characteristics and advantages

Posted On Tuesday 18th April 2017 3:28 PM

With doorbells gradually being improved every year, you will hear the dull and frightening sound sometimes when you push of a button in the apartment in the past time. Now ring tone can be diverse - from the twitter of birds and some other beautiful voice. Moreover, progress has reached such an extent that use this tool can wireless and can be used with wireless video door phone intercom system. And before the wireless doorbell was considered a luxury, it is absolutely affordable now to everyone. How wonderful is it and how much does it cost? The answers to all these questions and many more will be answered in the course of today's article.

What are they like?

In fact, wireless doorbell - it is the same like the normal call, which stands at the entrance door of our house, but the difference is that it’s wireless. This mechanism works on ordinary batteries. It works similar to conventional devices - when you click on a specific button speaker located behind the door of the apartment, it beeps. Only here it is not fed through wires but through radio waves.

Where are they used?

Outdoor waterproof wireless doorbellcan be placed perfectly on any door or fence. However, the more common it is purchased from the owners of country houses and cottages, where there are frequent interruptions to the supply of electric energy. Therefore, the main source of power of these devices is a pair of batteries.


Wireless doorbell has a lot of advantages compared to conventional devices, which require the installation of additional wiring. Firstly, it is easy to install because with such a tool there is no need to drill extra holes and other work of construction and installation works. Secondly, each wireless doorbell works on a different frequency. Thus, if your neighbor has put a number of similar devices, it will not affect the work of the doorbell in someone else's house or apartment. And thirdly, these instruments are as tight as their stationary counterparts, eliminating the possibility of the penetration of moisture into the electronic circuit with the subsequent occurrence of a short circuit. It is also impossible not to note the range, which is about 140-200 meters. With this radius, you can safely install the wireless doorbell at least on the back side of the street.


Perhaps the only drawback of the wireless call is its vulnerability to frost. At low temperatures, the electronic circuitry of the mechanism often fails. But the waterproof wireless doorbell haven’t existed the condition like this.

How much is a wireless doorbell?

The price of these devices is very democratic - about 10$ to 100$, depending on the model and manufacturer.

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