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Triumph helps you put your bike ready for good weather

Posted On Wednesday 19th October 2016 3:01 PM

After a water last winter finally seems that the sun has partnered with motorists to go out and enjoy the curves. However, either after the winter break or just in everyday life, it is necessary to pay special attention to keeping your Triumph: take care of the bike is to ensure your own safety.


Therefore the British firm I wanted to wear it easy for you to keep your motorcycle as the first day at a cheaper price than ever thanks to a remarkable setting their rates high turnover parts.


The essential aspects for the safety of your bike kit such as the transmission, braking system, oil, filters and battery, among others, deserve special attention. While it is true that keep track of wear and state becomes almost an obligation for every motorist, the best choice for a major overhaul is to take your bike to your official workshop. There they will pamper and care for your Triumph as anywhere else because they have experience and information directly from factory to know what your motorcycle needs at all times.


In addition, Triumph Motorcycles Spain has conducted a thorough review of their rates high rotation parts to protect your bike as you deserve and enjoy the confidence, experience and security of an official service with prices adjusted to the maximum. No excuse to keep your Triumph in perfect condition.


The transmission kit is one of the easiest items to check at a glance: in principle the most important thing is to check the lubrication and chain tension and wear the crown and pinion. However, we must be absolutely sure of their status because it is responsible for transmitting the engine power to the rear wheel and therefore must be in perfect condition. In the Ordnance Triumph can guide and help you check all these points. Even if replacement is necessary Triumph now offers a flat rate of 155 € in transmission kits for all models (MSRP, VAT not included).


The same applies to the braking system, one of the critical points of every bike. Check the status of the pills to know when to change them, as well as the level and condition of the brake fluid is a task that seems simple. However, when control and diagnose perfectly the state of the whole system, and replacement of any of its elements, it is highly advisable to leave your bike in expert hands to have no fright. For this Triumph also it offers a flat rate, and 2 pills games go to 45 € and 4 pills at 90 €, are the model are (RRP excluding VAT).


But if you really want to look the most of your Triumph and care about the heart of your saddle you should always keep in mind the status and level of engine oil and the oil filter, since both give life to your bike. Review these points is easy and essential but change requires experienced hands.


To make things even more, Triumph has also adjusted the rates for other parts of high turnover in the workshop such as batteries, spark plugs and air filters and oil. Thus, the official dealer network makes available to any pocket a qualified service using original spare parts of the highest quality.


Also, if you need to do soon a routine review your Triumph, you're in luck because the British firm sells a Maintenance Kits include all parts replaced on the review of 2 years or 20,000 / 32,000 km, depending on the model. With this setting rates kits, Triumph offers maintenance of your bike with the most qualified professionals and more economical prices: up to 17% savings in the case of new Street Triple and Speed Triple; 12.4% in the Tiger 800 / XC; 11% in the Explorer; and more than 9% in the models of the classic range (injection).


Additionally, if you need to purchase some motorcycle accessories, you can choose Banggood, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as chopper bike helmets.


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