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Triumph classic, retro look with modern technology

Posted On Tuesday 11th October 2016 2:09 PM

One of the hallmarks of a brand like Triumph is its line of retro-looking models, the so-called Modern Classic range consists of the Bonneville, the Thruxton and Scrambler. The three continue to use the twin engine of 865 D.C. in parallel and presented as a range of colors new updated equipment and a redesign of the exhaust system that emits an even more seductive sound.


The Bonneville is presented as an option with the lowest seat this retro motorcycle range air at a height of 740 mm. This, coupled with a front wheel 17 "Bonneville makes a very manageable and ergonomic bike. The appeal of its aesthetics, no doubt means that increasingly has more followers, even among young riders. They are motorcycles to which almost every custom or accessories retro feel them well.


The differences that distinguish the Bonneville 2014 from previous years are details such as the iconic metal emblem Triumph included in the deposit, its handle for the passenger in black and new color "Black Phantom", "Lunar Silver" or "White Crystal / Sapphire Blue."


We found a version of the Bonneville that accentuates even more retro design, we discussed the Bonneville T100. It is presented as a clear nod to the heritage of the 60s, as evidenced by its new color scheme "Crystal Fusion White and Aurum Gold", inspired by the Bonneville 1964. It is also available in a timeless color scheme "Black Jet" and "Cranberry Red".


Like the standard Bonneville, the T100 also features a new silent with improved sound delivery and a special finish on the engine block with its new cooling fins. His grip for the passenger is chrome, like the chain guard, and they add a distinctive finishing touch.


The Thruxton is clearly inspired by the culture Café Racer 60, with an aesthetic of those racing bikes presented with their usual sports spoked wheels with aluminum ring, aggressive riding position and adjustable rear suspension. Among the new items of equipment are chrome chain guard and a small dome, decorated with a cross band in gold, matching pollock. It can choose the colors "Black Phantom" and "Green Brooklands".


Finally we found the Triumph Scrambler featuring black finishes in different parts of the bike such as radiator, handlebars, rims, hubs and trim fluid reservoir rear brake; that complement the distinctive black and mirrors and small front headlamp. As for the colors available for this model, we found an impressive "Pacific Blue" mate and a surprising combination of "Grey Moon" / "Red Devil".


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