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Honda Scoopy SH125i's new 2013 is giving a lot to talk

Posted On Monday 19th September 2016 12:01 PM

Honda Scoopy SH125i's new 2013 is giving a lot to talk about. In addition to incorporating important new features such as load capacity for a helmet, ABS or low consumption of its new engine, Honda has launched an interesting promotional campaign for its popular scooter. So, until next March 31, Honda gives you a choice between two promotions: AXA insurance free for a year or financing without interest.


If you opt for the second option, you can now finance up to $ 3,000 of your Scoopy to 24 months with 0% interest and can thus pay an affordable initial entry and a comfortable monthly fee for two years.


The Scoopy, which is still produced in the facilities of Honda in Atessa, Italy, keeps all its virtues and key features (16 "wheels, flat platform, aerodynamic protection, design), adding significant improvements as the capacity for a helmet comprehensive or extremely low fuel consumption. In addition, users can now choose between the version with CBS or ABS braking, the only scooter in its class that offers this possibility.


The engine uses ESP technology (enhanced Smart Power) low friction, which, together with the Idle Stop (automatic idling stop system), an incredibly low fuel consumption of only 2,11 l is achieved. / 100 km., Representing a range of up 355 Km. With 7.5 liter tank full!


The Scoopy stands out for its comfortable driving position with excellent aerodynamic protection, and flat platform, which offers a high degree of freedom of movement and comfort. Also, for convenience, the Scoopy incorporates the serial side and center stand.


PVP version CBS: 3,299 euros

PVP version ABS: 3,499 euros


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