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The Interesting Way to Exercise Your Child’s Brain

Posted On Tuesday 2nd May 2017 3:42 PM

Let's review some of the benefits of playing toy bricks and their importance for development in childhood, such as magic snake toy, enlighten building blocks and etc.

  1. Thanks to construction games children learn to identify the world around them, they begin to acquire space vision and recognize the environment. It favors the acquisition of concepts such as size (large and small, high and low, short and long) and to identify different geometric shapes.
  2. They also acquire somewhat more complex concepts. Symmetry or proportion; The resistance, in terms of the hardness of the materials, or the solidity and consistency of the structures they construct; And equilibrium, learn how to arrange the blocks or pieces to hold onto the previous ones, that they exercise as a base, without falling, or learn how bodies subjected to certain forces counteract each other.
  3. They develop motor skills by handling the pieces or blocks. They favor eye-hand coordination or, what is the same, develop their fine motor skills. They also strengthen the muscles of the hands and fingers by having to hold the pieces tightly so they do not fall off.
  4. They promote intellectual, emotional and cognitive development. According to some studies, construction games accelerate language learning, and children who practice it often often start talking earlier.
  5. Construction games help to understand that for things to work properly, certain physical rules must be respected. This will help them in the future to cope more successfully with situations of everyday life and to better comply with the norms.
  6. They help children to be more organized, to prioritize and to be more orderly with their things.
  7. They encourage creativity and mental stimulation.
  8. They help develop the concept of teamwork. Construction games are ideal for practicing with siblings or friends. Thanks to this, they will learn to socialize with other children and to have a collaborative and participative vision towards a common goal.
  9. They are an ideal reinforcement for their self-esteem and safety, when the parents or teachers congratulate them for having correctly assembled their construction.
  10. They develop intuition and mental agility as they have to process data and quickly solve problems that may arise during the construction game.


As we see, it is very positive to start soon in these types of games since there are many benefits that can be obtained and the capacities that are developed, and that will be of great utility to them during all their life. The important thing is to correctly choose the type of toy adapted to the child's age, and to enjoy building!

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