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Posted On Thursday 18th May 2017 10:36 AM

Prevalence of brain tumor in people is increasing steadily. A brain tumor is a life-threatening condition which develops due to a collection of abnormal tissues and cells in the brain. They may build up pressure inside the skull and may lead to brain damage. Overexposure to certain harmful chemicals and ionizing radiation are the leading risk factors that may fuel up the chances of brain tumors. Clumsiness, memory loss, confusion, and blurred vision are the major warning signs of a brain tumor. Surgery is the most common treatment procedure for removing a brain tumor. Surgeons mostly recommend a brain tumor surgery to help improve patient’s health. However, brain tumor surgery cost may vary depending on provisions of hospital and patient’s medical status.

What to Expect after Brain Tumor Surgery?

The following points elaborate the lifestyle changes which a patient may have to face following a brain tumor surgery.

  1. Recovery Time - Recovery following a brain tumor surgery may take a longer time. Patients need to stay calm and patient during healing phase. They should try to follow the instructions of respective surgeons without getting panicked. It may take up to six months for a full recovery.
  2. Medications - Patients may sleep for hours and feel dizzy due to the medications. That’s perfectly normal, they should take plenty of rest till they become able to resume normal routine life.
  3. Memory Issues - Patients may feel confused all the time. They may find it challenging to remember the names of people around them. Also, they may easily forget the books they have read, the movies

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