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3 Reasons Why Total Hip Replacement Surgery is the Best Option

Posted On Wednesday 31st August 2016 3:12 PM

Following the knee joint, hip joint is the second largest weight bearing joint in the body. Needless to say that it is quite important to take good care of the hip joint. Total hip replacement surgery therefore may be the best choice in several cases which is good enough to provide an active & pain-free life. The few common causes of pain in hip which are best addressed through total hip joint replacement procedure includes the following.

Why Total Hip Replacement Surgery is the Best Option?

Surgery to replace the diseased hip joint is required when the patient is having any of the following conditions.

Serious Hip Fracture

When the upper portion of the thighbone breaks, it is usually referred to as hip fracture. This is a type of injury which is found to occur during falls or when there is a direct forceful impact. Hip fractures however can also occur among osteoporosis patients. Moreover, there is great risk of experiencing fractures in the hip region once again in future when the bone has initially broken once. Therefore total hip replacement surgery is recommended for patients with very badly broken first fracture or people who are prone to repeat fractures.

Severe Arthritis

Arthritic hips are generally painful, stiff & unstable due to inflammation within the hip joint. Patients experiencing dull & aching pain within groin, buttocks or upper outer leg region are probably suffering from arthritis of the hip. Total hip replacement surgery is suggested when arthritis & pain are severe enough to call for operation. This procedure may in fact be the best option for patients to relieve pain & get back to living a healthy & active life.

Degeneration From Repetitive Wear & Tear

This condition is found to occur when cartilage between bones of hip joint become badly worn that patients start experiencing pain due to rubbing of bones on joint movement. This develops into an arthritic condition which can eventually become a major source of constant pain. Hip joint is very important for weight bearing & basic locomotion of the human body. This hip joint may be required to be replaced with prosthetic parts when degeneration starts to compromise function.

Undergoing Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Deciding to undergo hip replacement surgery procedure is a big deal. However, thousands of patients all around the world undergo hip replacement surgery & recovery every year. India is home to a large pool of highly skilled orthopedists & orthopedic surgeons who have successfully performed thousands of joint replacement procedures in the past. Healthcare infrastructure in the country is also robust & boasts of an extensive network of nationally & internationally accredited multispecialty hospital facilities equipped with the latest medical technologies. Moreover, hip replacement surgery cost in India is just a fraction of what total hip replacement would cost in developed countries like Germany, UK, Canada & USA. International patients seeking affordable medical procedures around the world must therefore make use of this opportunity & avail standard quality hip replacement surgery in India.

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