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Posted On Monday 19th June 2017 4:49 PM

Laser TV is not only have their own table, in the content and the current smart TV no difference. Because the use of laser TV is the TV system, and even many TV brands are also launched laser TV. Their LCD TV and laser TV use the system is similar to the same resources to provide. So use the 2000mw laser pointer TV without worrying about no content. With the gradual enrichment of network resources, laser TV online can see a lot of high-definition content, the latest TV series, movies and entertainment programs can use the laser TV to watch. Past the projector needs a separate device, connect the player or a variety of boxes can see a large, this way OUT out. Laser TV is to see to see, do not worry about no see.

First, not the same place is the light source, laser light source life is very long, easily tens of thousands of hours to laser TV life comparable to LCD TV. Can be said that a laser TV use a three or five years is not a problem, no longer worry about the problem of light, this life cycle has been enough, after all, not all families have to use a TV for 10 years 20 years. Second, the laser TV is a reflection of the ultra-short focus of the technology of the projector, this ultra-short focal length 3000mw laser pointer TV can be achieved within 0.5 meters distance of 100 inches of the screen. In other words, laser TV can be placed in the TV cabinet on the projection of 100 inches, in the past the projector hoisting in the middle of the living room situation gone.

But laser weapons have advantages and disadvantages. For example, in the rain or dust weather, its combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced. The development of laser weapons in the United States, mainly facing the choice of high-energy laser weapons twists and

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Posted On Wednesday 17th May 2017 11:35 AM

Energy negative feedback fiber burning laser welding machine has the following advantages: energy negative feedback principle is the laser light moment in the laser at the same time take a small part of the laser energy, input energy feedback probe; according to the laser energy settings, energy feedback controller to compare the laser energy Size; control of intelligent laser power from time to time to amend the laser energy, so that laser energy stability.

Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine is the use of energy fiber, the solid-state laser generated 1064nm laser, through the laser coupling technology to the fiber, and then the fiber in the laser through the output mirror to the workpiece surface, to achieve the purpose of welding; Laser, you can use the flexibility of the fiber, so that the laser can be any angle on the workpiece processing, to achieve a multi-dimensional flexible processing; fiber on the laser energy and homogenization of the blue laser pointer spot energy can be modeled output, and laser Homogenization, so that the laser beam quality is better to improve the quality of welding.

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The use of advanced laser power real-time feedback control system to avoid fluctuations in the power grid, water temperature fluctuations, xenon lamp aging and other reasons caused by the impact of the laser power output, The effect of laser energy. So that the size of the solder joints uniform, the depth of the same; can be time spectroscopy, energy spectral, suitable for a variety of different applications, at the same time multiple station processing.

After the optical

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