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Full Height Turnstiles Manufacturers in India

Posted On Tuesday 16th May 2017 2:09 PM

Logical developments in the field of technology have been a blessing for the generations. Depending upon the need and requirement of the environment specific checks and balances has been implemented over the centuries since the evolution of mankind.Each generation utilizes the development that has been contributed by its predecessor in some way or the other.

 Gone are the days when the organizations used to have attendance registers where the employees had to mark their attendance manually. Digital technologies have come a long way in making life easier in terms of enhancing the efficiency with accuracy by automating such processes.

 The bio- metric science is being implemented in almost all the organizations like universities, malls, amusement parks, factories, hospitals and office areas. Though, these access control devices do not fully provide a complete solution as they have the feature of recording the attendance and maintain the time log but they do not have the tendency to limit the tail-entry of unwanted individuals in the premises.

 This has been a major concern for the enterprises where large workforce has been engaged and has been working in 24 x 7 shifts. To manage this vertical, we at Hom Automation Pvt. Ltd. have come up with solutions by introducing full height turnstiles.

 These automatic full height turnstiles machines gets integrated with the access control devices and allow the passage to only one person at a time.

 Hom Automation Pvt. Ltd. has been full height turnstiles manufacturers since over a decade with an expertise in providing need based solutions to the industry across the segments.

 The Full Height turnstile systems can be manufactured based on the site requirement in terms of space, aesthetics, logic and sophistication.

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