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Posted On Friday 21st April 2017 4:39 PM

Avancements in technology have always been contributing in the development of mankind. Over the years, the concepts that mobilize the ease of managing the passage of individuals have been evolving based on the environmental needs. In today’s scenario, the urban crowd may go berserk if not managed efficiently in a timed manner. Hom Automation Pvt. Ltd. has been manufacturing wide range of entrance security automation products since the year 1993 in India. To address this concern, apart from other solutions, HOM has produced Retractable Flap Barriers indigenously – in order to limit the tail entry of individuals and control the crowd movement at places where access management is of prime concern.Hom Automation Flap Barrier gate systems have been designed, tested and commissioned with a fool proof Flap barrier mechanism at places where they provide entrance security system as pedestrian barriers. Locations like airports, cinema halls, amusement parks and office spaces for wide spectrum of industry install these systems to record the footfall and check the entry of unauthorized people.

Automatic Flap barriers are CE certified products which are also exported making the company one of the leading Flap Barrier exporter of India. Hom Automation has been a flap barrier manufactures and suppliers with a USP that the buyers may get the logic of the flap barrier operation customised as per their organizational need.The flap barriers offer an aesthet

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