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Posted On Wednesday 26th April 2017 5:48 PM

  Go Processing is a decade old company. The company is a leading aggregator for digital payment products. We all are aware of the fact that India is going digital. People of the country are opting digital economy. The company creates solutions which help in the facilitation of digital payments through the interface. The comprehensive range of services offered by the company includes Mobile Recharge Service, Utility Bill Payment Service, Landline & Postpaid Bill payment service, IRCTC railway reservation service, Air Ticketing Service, etc. Most of the services are used by us. Whether it is mobile recharge or railway reservation or any other service, we all use it on a regular basis. The company has developed an interface using multiple API techniques. Through this interface, it is possible to facilitate these services. Let me have few words for Go Processing Services. The most important service offered by Go Processing Ltd is Recharge Facility. It is offered with the help of Mobile Recharge API. This is basically an interface which supports multiple telecom operators. Through this interface, it is possible to offer recharge for different telecom operators. There is no need to have different operator SIMs in order to offer this service. A single interface will solve your purpose. Moreover, the company has used the most advanced technology which ensures very high success rate. For developing this interface, the company has used long codes which provide congestion free network to process the service request. Because of this, the interface offers very high success rate for the service requests. Another service which is offered by Go Processing Ltd is utility bill payment. It includes a different set of services like electricity bill payment, landline, and postpaid mobile bill, insurance premium bill, etc. The utility services like electricity, landline, etc. We all need to pay the bill for the same and we also know that we need to queue up in the line in or

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