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4 Common Misbeliefs In Apps Development To Avoid

Posted On Saturday 22nd April 2017 10:16 AM

While mobile apps are helping enterprises worldwide to skyrocket their business, many are still aloof of the app technology and how they can market their services/products to the target market. Although, developing any custom app is no more a back-breaking job, but there are many myths still surrounding app development which needs to avoided by the ones who are new in the market. This is perhaps one vital reason, for which aspiring appreneurs are always advised to seek assistance from eminent and professional app development companies, like GetAProgrammer who can help them to avoid all such misconceptions. Their team of adroit developers can guide you throughout the process of app development and help you to keep away from all types of misapprehensions.

Here are some of the popular misbeliefs that often plagues the ones who wishes to step into the world of apps.

#1 Once build, users will come automatically

The most common myth about apps is that as soon as the apps are built, people will automatically find them and will turn a success. However, the truth is there will be very few stumbling across your new app while searching after it is introduced in the app store. Apps need to be marketed first to let mobile phones users know about it through effective app store optimisation strategies. It is then when your app can feature among the top searches in the store and come to the eyes of the users.

#2 Native apps are the only way to be successful

While mobile apps come in many new forms, namely native apps, hybrid apps and mobile web or HTML5 app, it is often suggested that only native apps bear that potential to captivate maximum users and become successful. This is wrong, as for most businesses, like in retail, users did not like to download a native app for just accessing information. In such case, they can view it on mobile web via HTML.

#3 Great app features assures the success

It is so not true that if you have some awesome features to offer your customers, your app will be an exemplary one. Great features do not make sense until and unless the app is integrated well with the existing CRM of the businesses, and offers a user experience that meets up the expectation and demands of the customers.

#4 It's too late for an app

Many new appreneurs apprehend from investing in any popular domain of like social media, photo editing as they are already covered by big names. But the reality is you might be looking only at the tip of the iceberg while seeing the prospect of your app in the market. A little bit of research is needed and you can discover the niche to be covered your own app in the same domain.

Now that you became aware of the most common illusions in apps development, try to get rid of all your apprehensions while starting with an own app and hire the services of GetAProgrammer, a renowned app development company based in Sydney serving a multitude of clients for years.


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