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Why Magento Steals The Show amidst of all eCommerce Platforms?

Posted On Tuesday 17th January 2017 2:36 PM

Choosing a right eCommerce platform to make your retail business go online is quite challenging owing to the presence the of several efficient platforms present in the market that help in building customer-centric online stores. However, if you look at the prevailing trend of eCommerce development, there is an unexpected preference of the developers and experts for Magento over other popular platforms like Shopify,  WooCommerce or ZenCart. This is probably for its robustness and versatile features that help the retailers to optimise their store performance in all aspects.

Take a look at the key attributes that makes Magento, an unbeatable platform for eCommerce solutions.


Magento is suitable for the development of small as well as large-sized stores because of its scalability. It is a powerful platform that can help you to create websites that has the capacity to support about 500,000 products and manage over 80,000 order every hour.


When it is related to the creation of a vibrant marketplace that serves widespread customers, versatility matters. Magento offers extreme versatility in content management and allows the retailers to customise their offerings on the site. Moreover, it offers some add-ons with inbuilt promotions features which can take your store to a next level. With Magento 2, retailers are left with more features like flexible coupons, promotional pricing and will keep them ahead of other eCommerce sites in terms of performance and flexibility.

#Offers Third Party Integration

Magento enables third party integration which helps the retailers to integrate their store to other external platforms such as eBay, Google Shopping, PayPal, QuickBooks and so forth. This results in the accumulation of sales and also offers many options to the shoppers for having a better experience of shopping.

#Faster Checkout

Magento is packed with latest user-friendly features which enhance the process of placing orders in carts, checkout, account creation and so on. The process of checkout has been made faster, free of hassles and interactive by placing of a discount code on the checkout page.

#Advanced SEO

Magento was developed keeping in mind the aspect of SEO to make your website highly visible in the search engines. Ranking of your products can be increased in the search engines to draw substantial traffic through different SEO features such as friendly URLs, titles, meta tags and descriptions.

Summing Up

When it comes to developing a comprehensive and user-friendly online store for your retail business, it is best to opt for Magento being packed with endless customisation and inbuilt features, along with high-end security protection. It lets you build site in the exact way you want. So, hire eCommerce developers from GetAProgrammer who have extensive knowledge and expertise in Magento and can leverage all the features of the platform for your store.

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