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5 Contemporary iPhone App Development Trends To Look Out For

Posted On Wednesday 4th January 2017 3:42 PM

Apple revolutionized the way people interact with technology through a million robust mobile applications. Owing to the astounding success of Apple and its growing customer base, the iPhone app market is also booming fast as one of the largest mobile marketing platforms for enterprises. Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends noticed in the sphere of iPhone app development process in recent times.

Swift Coding

Objective-C coding has been the foundation for iPhone apps until now, but as Swift coding hit the market last year, iPhone app developers got a new set of frameworks and methodologies. This new set of frameworks is easier and highly inclusive, which enabled the developers to use Xcode tools for writing reliable code. Swift is just getting better day by day and with Swift 2 it is even better for its developer-friendly features.

Top-Notch Security

Reports claimed that nearly 75% of the mobile apps is low on security factor for which there is a noteworthy shift in the users towards high-security in-app purchase. iPhone app developers are hence going beyond the threshold app security technologies for gaining reliability of the iPhone apps.


Most businesses indulged in mobile marketing need to track the location of their app’s users. iBeacon will allow the businesses to integrate the functionality of location tracking in their apps. However, as the feature requires a lot of data inputs, it uses up a huge amount of battery. So, to excel in this feature, iPhone app developers are deliberately finding ways for making iBeacon functionality to drain less power.

Synchronization Between Different Devices

Cloud technology is now being used for synchronizing apps on different devices which are letting the iPhone app developers to decreased the sizes of apps, along with enhancing user experience. This process of synchronizing is no doubt leading to complexities for the developers, but on a positive note it is adding more iOS app development expertise in them by keeping updated with the latest trends.

Greater Focus on M-commerce

With a rising number of shoppers choosing mobile platforms for placing their order, m-commerce trend is also up surging. Reliable mobile technologies like beacons or wallet are providing more incentives to the users. So for iPhone app developers, mobile apps for platforming eCommerce sites are becoming a profitable source of income.

There are many more trends observed in iPhone app development in 2016 and more are going to arrive this year with the launch of iOS10.3, iPhone 7, 7 Plus and so on. So, if you are looking for any iPhone app development solution hand-in-hand for your business incorporating these latest trends, get in touch with GetAProgrammer and hire the most competent iPhone app developers in Sydney, who are adept at these latest technological advances.


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