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Key Factors that make Magento the Unrivaled Ecommerce Solution

Posted On Wednesday 21st December 2016 2:38 PM

Magento is recommended by most developers as the top eCommerce software for growing number of online businesses. Amidst dozens of eCommerce solutions why Magento is preferred is a big question in the mind of retail enterprises who are seeking to build their own eCommerce website. To answer them this post illustrates the core factors that makes Magento the ultimate solution for eCommerce sites.

Offers Diversified Solutions

As an advanced open source software solution which requires implementation of the developers, it offers high flexibility and customization. Thus, it enables the developers to scale the software as per the requirements of business catering to the diversified needs of a growing enterprise. To be precise, Magento offers every possible service that you need to launch and administer your eCommerce business. Due to its focus on growth and scalability, it enables the retailers to deploy a number of mechanisms to enhance traffic, customer engagement and sales.

Complete Shopping Cart

As a fully-featured eCommerce solution, Magento supports everything in your site, from the checkout of customers to secure payment processing. You can offer widespread options of payment-processing to your customers and can choose from a number of payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Simple Pay and so forth.

Customer Service

Catering to each of needs of the customers is the supreme responsibility of your eCommerce site and Magento helps you in fulfilling it. Customers are provided with instant access to their purchase histories, order tracking, create wish lists for future and also save necessary information for faster checkout.

Order Management

With Magento, managing order and transactions become much easier for the retail merchants. Its admin panel will let you manage transactions, fulfillment and shipping of orders, advance credit and much more from a single point or location.

Boost Traffic

Magento’s highly efficient tools of SEO and configurations enable you to boost traffic to your site and individual pages in the search engines. Some of the major features are metadata for the products or product categories, Google Sitemaps, full control over URLs and optimizing for other search engines.

Performance Measurement
With Magento, you can keep track of your eCommerce site’s performance by analytics and reporting. Traffic monitoring can be done with Google Analytics and detailed reports can be generated for sales, most purchased products, stock and inventory, coupons uses and much more.

Adhering to these facts, it may be clear to you why Magento is the most demanded platform for eCommerce developers. So, if you are looking for a vibrant eCommerce site builder to support your business or refurbish your current online store for boosting sales in this Christmas, hire the services of an expert Magento developer in Sydney from GetAProgrammer.  


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